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SUPERGIRL Recap: “Myriad”

We’re almost there, folks! After last night’s “Myriad,” only the season finale of Supergirl remains! So where do we stand as we await the end of season one? On the edge of our seats, that’s where!

“Myriad” kicks off not long after the mysterious ending to last week’s Supergirl/The Flash crossover episode, which saw James Olsen walk out on Kara right in the middle of their first kiss! Myriad, Non and Astra’s suspicious weapon, is revealed to be a method of mass mind control utilizing the radio waves beaming down at National City from the satellites above. Lucy Lane and Agent Vasquez are clearly under the influence of Myriad, because they follow Non’s orders to release all of the D.E.O. prisoners.

Well, all except the White Martian, because even Non knows better than to let that crazy Red Planet creature free. Supergirl shows up in time to prevent the total release of the galaxy’s worst criminals, but not before a battle with Maxima. It almost looked as if the episode was setting itself up to follow the general path of a climactic video game boss fight—you know, spar again with old enemies first before battling the Big Boss. But Kara only needed to trade blows with Maxima, a warrior queen whom Superman had apparently spurned romantically.

Once the D.E.O. was relatively safe again (we’re assuming, since Kara just kind of left) the focus turned to CatCo Worldwide. Kara made a pit stop at the Fortress of Solitude to learn what she could about Myriad, but there was nothing helpful to be found. Kara jetted into the office and found all of her coworkers mindlessly click-clacking away at their desks while their screens displayed some sort of Kryptonian code. Everyone, including James and Winn, and even a colleague named Kelly that I don’t recall ever receiving a namecheck for before, was unresponsive. Until, that is, Cat Grant walked in.

Seemingly oblivious to the possessed masses outside her windows during her commute to work, Cat walked in asking for “Kira” and staring at her phone. While she and Supergirl tried to figure out why they’d been unaffected even though Superman (who just came to National City to help) was, Maxwell Lord walked in with an explanation. He sent over some diamond earrings with proprietary tech that just so happened to shield her mind from Myriad. Lord had figured out how to prevent Myriad’s effects, but he didn’t know how to reverse them just yet. Oh, and the reason for Kelly’s shout-out seemed to be to add gravitas to her death after Non caused her, Winn, and James to jump from CatCo tower. Kara saved Winn and James, of course, but didn’t have the extra hand to save Kelly.

Alex and J’onn were already well outside city limits during Myriad’s initiation, and their having been off-the-grid meant they were oblivious to its effect on National City. While stopped along a California highway, their disguises (as a blond mother and son) got them past authorities and on track to Alex’s mom’s house. When they showed up at Casa Danvers, Alex had little time to explain her traveling companion before J’onn shifted from small child to familiar D.E.O. agent right before Eliza’s eyes. Her husband’s past associations with Hank Henshaw caused her to immediately become suspicious, but she soon began quizzing J’onn about the biological repercussions and mechanics of shape-shifting. Alex, unsatisfied with staying on the sidelines, decided to return to National City to aid Kara. “You can use your telepathy to guard my mind,” she told J’onn. He realized she had a point, even if logically he knew it sounded like a bad idea.

Well, it was a bad idea. Almost immediately after they return to National City, Indigo welcomed them with a bang, and it wasn’t long before she went all T-1000 and impaled Hank, causing his mind shield to falter, exposing Alex to Myriad. Indigo convinced Non that there was a way to make Supergirl suffer dearly, using Alex as the pawn. Since she was now under Non’s total control, he fis her with an exo-suit laced with Kryptonite and the same sword used to kill Astra. She would be, in Non’s words speaking through Alex, Kara’s “ultimate opponent.” One who knows Kara’s every weakness and one who weakens Kara emotionally, and thanks to the Kryptonite, physically. Non insisted on a Harry Potter-style “neither can live while the other survives” deathmatch as the only end to their meeting, and that both sisters walking away would be an impossibility. Naturally, the episode ended right when the two leapt towards each other. CLIFFHANGER.

What do you Super-fans think will happen next week!? Will Non actually succeed with his deathmatch plans? Will Jeremiah Danvers return only to see Alex leave? Is J’onn really mortally wounded? Sound off with your theories below!

Notable Quotables:

“Kira, call Harrison Ford and tell him that I’m flattered, but once and for all I do not date older men, especially when they’re married.” – Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford are married IRL.)

“I believe you can change everyone out there. Not with violence, not with fear. Be Supergirl. That’s all anyone ever needed from you.” – Cat Grant

“So, mind control is the answer to global warming. Why didn’t I think of that?” – Maxwell Lord

Image: Cliff Lipson/CBS

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