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Studio Ghibli Style ZELDA Posters Prove A Nintendo/Miyazaki Collaboration Needs to Happen

Remember those rumors from a few months back the The Legend of Zelda video games series would be adapted into a Netflix series? Do you recall Satoru Iwata, the then-president of Nintendo, saying these rumors were “not based on correct information?”

That dream was too good to be true, but the most disheartening part of the ordeal was the revelation that it doesn’t seem like the Nintendo cinematic universe is ready to be ushered into existence. Then again, films based on Nintendo characters haven’t gone so well in the past: remember the Super Mario Bros. movie from 1993?

That said, if Nintendo got the right people on board, it seems hard to believe that Nintendo’s vibrant franchises wouldn’t make for good cinema. Artist Matt Vince dared to imagine such a scenario, and he came up with three (sadly) fake movie posters for a Legend of Zelda movie, made in collaboration with esteemed anime producers Studio Ghibli.

The three posters, which you can see in the gallery below, feature Ganondorf, Link, and Zelda looking over epic landscapes from the Zelda universe. Everything from the character design to the color palate looks true to the Studio Ghibli tradition, and these could easily all be official posters. We would be so happy if they were!

While this idea seems like a stretch–especially since Studio Ghibli won’t be making as many movies at it used to–it’s still fun to imagine the two Japanese institutions of entertainment coming together to create what would surely be a master work.


HT: Kotaku

Images courtesy of Matt Vince


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