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STRANGER THINGS 2 Gets Adorable New Funko “Dart” Plushies and Pop Figures

Stranger Things 2 had a lot of surprises for us, including learning the secret to how Steve gets his hair to look so good. But the biggest shocker of them all might have been finding out Demogorgons aren’t always so horrifying to look at, because they start life as adorable little slugs…who then turn into less-adorable, cat-eating “demodogs.”

But now thanks to Funko, not only are we getting new Pop figures for the show’s second season, we can bring home that baby monster without any fear of our feline friend becoming a meal, thanks to this nesting doll SuperCute “Dart” plushy.

Aww. The plushy includes Dart in three forms–as a one-inch pollywog, then as a two-inch slug, and finally a nine-inch tall demodog, the form who killed poor Mews. And they even fit inside one another like a strange Russian doll. The only downside to this amazing collectible is it won’t be available until next spring in 2018.

Dart is also getting his own Pop figures though, including a 1-in-6 chase figure where his mouth is closed.

But if you prefer your horrible creatures full grown, don’t worry, because season one’s Demogorgon is also getting an all new Pop figure too. These three will all be available in February.

The good news is, Funko has some new Stranger Things 2 figures that will be available to give this Christmas season, because nothing screams “happy holidays” like the Upside Down.

The Demogorgon is also getting its own 8-Bit Pop, which also includes a rare chase figure with its mouth closed. They will only be available at Target starting in late November.

But not everyone in Hawkins is a terrible monster, and that will include a new Dustin–along with slug-sized Dart–Funko Pop out in late November at Hot Topic, and punk rock Eleven with Eggos, which will be a BoxLunch exclusive this December.

They’re all so much cuter when they can’t kill you with their mind or eat your face.

Which one of these do you most want to bring home? Tell us in the comments below.

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Images: Funko

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