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McFarlane Toys Turn Upside Down With STRANGER THINGS Action Figures

When Funko announced Stranger Things action figures, we kinda thought that would be it. They have the license, they made three-packs with all the main kids and the monster, end of story. Except it wasn’t. Stranger Things merchandise continues to be rabidly consumed by an eager fanbase awaiting season 2, and McFarlane Toys noticed, snapping up the rights to 7-inch figures that they’ve just announced.


While you’d expect McFarlane to start with the Demogorgon, given Todd McFarlane’s historical fascination with monsters and demons, the company has taken a more cerebral approach this time and kicked things off with the two most interesting characters: the “super-powered” enigma known as Eleven (or “El” for short), and the haunted, slightly slacking Chief Hopper.


There are a couple of interesting things to note from a McFarlane Toys collecting perspective. One: even though the official images list them as “Color Tops,” McFarlane’s unified cross-brand line of 7-inch figures, the packaging is completely different and does not seem to include the one-size-fits-most figure stands that have come with every other Color Tops figure. Two: Unlike most McFarlane 7-inch figures, these look fully articulated in the style of their 5-inch Walking Dead line.

Another cool thing about having a David Harbour figure out there is that fans who are so inclined can customize their own Hellboy figures from the next movie reboot. I wouldn’t be surprised if that were the thinking behind giving him a bonus head, rather than just a removable hat.

Now, McFarlane: Funko also did Twin Peaks figures, but nobody seems to have the 7-inch figure rights yet. Hint hint? Please?

What do you think of McFarlane’s new approach to 7-inchers? Articulate your thoughts in comments.

Images: McFarlane Toys

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