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Funko is Releasing a New STRANGER THINGS Collection

The second season of Stranger Things will hit Netflix in October, but it looks like that’s not the only thing for the fandom to get excited about. In November (so right about when your binge-regret of “why did I watch the second season so quickly?!” will be setting in), Funko will be dropping a great new line of Stranger Things-related products, and they look absolutely fantastic.

The first will be a Vnyl two-pack featuring dynamic duos from the show. One pack will feature Dustin and Lucas, and the other will feature Eleven and the internet’s favorite, under-appreciated bestie, Barb.

Funko is also releasing a line of Stranger Things Dorbz that will feature Eleven, Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, and the Demagorgon. Check out the gallery below to see them all.

In addition to a regular Will Byers Dorbz and a Demagorgon Dorbz with his creepy mouth open, you can also look for an Upside Down Will Dorbz and a closed-mouth Demagorgon Dorbz with a rarity of 1-in-6.


Of course, if you’re looking to expand your collection of Eleven memorabilia, you’re in luck. While you can find the Eleven Dorbz of her in the pink dress clutching an Eggo (because OF COURSE) wherever Dorbz are sold, there will be a Hot Topic exclusive of Eleven in a hospital gown, and a Target exclusive of Eleven in a Benny’s Burgers tee (RIP Benny).

And finally, since it’s back to school season, you can also grab yourself a few Stranger Things Pop! Pens to make sure you’re ready to tackle school, the Upside Down, homework, Demagorgons, or whatever else this academic year may bring.

Keep your eyes out for this awesome range of Stranger Things swag, coming to stores this November!

Do you have a favorite? Tell us which one you’re hoping to buy in the comments!

Image Credits: Funko/Netflix


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