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Laura Dern and Woody Harrelson Highlight STAR WARS Collector-Focused Black Series Figures

Admiral Holdo looks like she could be straight out of a David Lynch movie, doesn’t she? All we need is Kyle MacLachlan to be cast in a Star Wars movie now, and Twin Peaks in space can be a reality…

Ahem. Pardon. Awake now. But this six-inch scale Admiral Holdo figure is hypnotically amazing. And the Tobias Beckett figure from Solo, while presumably capturing the awkwardness of Woody Harrelson‘s movie hairpiece accurately, looks every bit the gunslinger you’d expect Han’s mentor to be. He could also probably star in a Hunger Games prequel if you so choose.

Other new Black Series reveals are, as usual, small in quantity but mighty in appearance. The facial expression on the Gamorrean Guard alone is a thing of wonder. You might say it even looks more realistic than the ones in the movie.

Elsewhere in the new series we get a Mimban stormtrooper, and it appears the Imperial legions stationed on the swampy planet were the originators of one of Captain Phasma’s particular fashion quirks…

Alongside the previously announced Dengar and 4-LOM, Zuckuss will finally round out the Empire Strikes Back bounty hunters.

Now that Carrie Fisher‘s likeness has finally been captured properly, here’s one more of her iconic looks.

And rounding out the new Black Series announcements is an Amazon exclusive astromech three-pack. Poor doomed R5-D4, who gave his life so that Artoo could meet his destined master; battle-damaged R2-D2; and Red Ten’s companion R2-X2.

Finally, an adjacent reveal of sorts. The “Centerpiece” line features iconic Star Wars scenes in Black Series scale, which have foot pegs for additional figures, and the option of removing the pre-posed figure and replacing it with a poseable one. This year, we get an addition featuring the coolest thing Kylo Ren has ever done onscreen (besides, arguably, taking off his shirt and pulling his pants up to his mid-torso).

Yes, it’s a blast, blast, blast! Poe-try in non-motion, if you will.

What’s your favorite Black Series reveal? It’s Laura Dern, right? Let us know in comments.

Images: Hasbro

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