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Could STAR WARS RESISTANCE Be a Sequel Trilogy-Era TV Series?

The Star Wars prequels got their own animated TV series with The Clone Wars, and Rebels has explored the time period from right before the original trilogy. Do we now know the title for the first show set during the sequels—and could it be a live-action series instead?

In news we came across at Slashfilm, the fan site Yakface unearthed four new trademarks from Disney for Star Wars Resistance, covering everything from toys, clothing, paper products, and every type of digital media you can think of. While this could be for another type of medium they have plannned, like a new game for example, it might very well be for a new TV series set in the galaxy far, far away. But from what we know about Disney and Lucasfilm’s grand plans for ever-more Star Wars content, this very well could be the title for their next animated series, or the live-action show they’ve promised.

In November Disney CEO Bob Iger announced plans for a long-awaited live-actions series that would only be available on their upcoming new streaming service that is set to debut in 2019. However with Star Wars Rebels coming to an end, Resistance might end up being their latest animated series, which they are also developing.

Either way, the potential title seems to indicate the new show is set during the sequel trilogy time period. If it debuts in 2019 on Disney’s streaming service, that limits when it can take place. It can’t come after Episode IX, because it doesn’t hit theaters until 2019. There’s also not a time period between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi to explore.

Which means unless the last movie doesn’t end the story the way we think it will, Star Wars Resistance would likely have to predate The Force Awakens, or take place between The Last Jedi and the final film in the trilogy. Those settings would make for a very different type of story. One would take place while The First Order was growing in strength and the Resistance rose up as an equal to meet it, while the other would see the Resistance needing to find new fighters from across the galaxy willing to help restore it as a formidable foe.

The Last Jedi certainly set up plenty of jumping off points for the latter time period with the kids on Canto Bight and the massive call for help from Crait. Not to mention Luke’s final heroic act would seem like the perfect “spark” to action for plenty of would-be freedom fighters.

Because even if Episode IX gives us the final showdown with The First Order, it looks like the Resistance is just getting started.

What do you think of this possible title? Tell us what you make of it in our comments below.

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