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Watch Rian Johnson Cut Up a Very Realistic Porg (Cake)

Ever since their debut in The Last JediPorgs have inspired many different reactions from Star Wars fans around the world. Some people embrace the adorable bird-like creatures, while others want to know if Chewbacca was on the right track when he almost made a Porg a meal. And though Chewie was shamed into not following through with his dinner plans, director Rian Johnson recently made quick work slicing into a realistic Porg cake. And it wasn’t just the cut that was surprising, it was Johnson’s glee at his handiwork.

You see, Johnson was invited to a party for Disney’s marketing team that was celebrating the success of The Last Jedi.  The centerpiece of that party was this impressively accurate Porg cake that looks like it could have stepped off the film’s set:

Johnson was suitably impressed by this Porg creation. But considering this video of Johnson giving the porg a Jason Voorhees-style knife to the head before nearly decapitating it, we’re not sure he’s exactly a part of Porg Nation.

“Weirdly satisfying!,” exclaimed Johnson after he punctuated his cuts by stabbing the Porg cake in its stomach. It wasn’t the kindest cut, but we’ll bet that the cake was tasty. Now where can we get a Porg cake of our own?

What do you think about Johnson’s horror film-style cake cutting? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Image: Lucasfilm

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