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STAR WARS REBELS Review: ‘Legacy’

Warning: This review contains spoilers for the Star Wars Rebels episode “Legacy.” Jump into hyperspace and away from this page if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

The fate of Ezra Bridger’s parents in Star Wars Rebels has been up in the air since the first season. In the show’s season two winter finale, they circled back to the subject as Ezra had a Force vision that led him to answers. The Force vision prominently featured a white Loth-cat, and really, putting a feline in Star Wars is one of the few ways to make me like the saga more. That said, the episode had some challenges.

The biggest sticking point to me is Ezra’s abilities. It seems like he’s on equal footing with Kanan. He could be stronger in the Force than Kanan, but he’s growing by leaps and bounds. I can’t compare him to someone like Anakin because we sort of skipped past his younger training years, and I can’t compare his development to Luke because Luke didn’t have a constant mentor like Ezra does. There’s no one I can think of to stack Ezra against (not even Ahsoka, really, because we didn’t see her first years of training). It’s unprecedented, and maybe that’s what makes it weird.

Ezra’s questionable Force skills aside, Rebels is doing a wonderful job of showing how the relationship between he and Kanan is evolving. I appreciate how Kanan always believes in Ezra. Kanan doubts his abilities as a leader and teacher, but he possesses one of the most important traits–always believing in your student. And Kanan does so without making it all about him or taking responsibility for why Ezra is so skilled. Freddie Prinze Jr. has done an excellent job so far this season giving Kanan more depth and nuance, and it was especially on display in “Legacy,” as Kanan coached Ezra and as he was there for him.

The family dynamic was strong throughout the episode. Kanan and Hera were definitely in the role of dad and mom helping Ezra. It can be all too easy to forget to show appreciation to our loved ones, and I thought it was a mark of Ezra’s maturity that he thanked both Kanan and Hera for their help. Those little moments spoke to me.

Back to Ezra’s strength. He’s been shown as so capable lately it was almost reassuring to see him a bit unbalanced. The emotion attached to the possibility of finding his parents made him act recklessly. He jumped into battle against Agent Kallus and the Inquisitors without thinking. His moves in those scenes were definitely fueled by emotion, so I’m guessing he brushed against the dark side. I’m surprised Kanan didn’t talk to him about it, but then again, they had a few things going on–like chasing Loth-cats (side note: I adored the bit where Ezra told Kanan he put a tracker on the Loth-cat). I hope they circle back to Ezra losing control, even if it’s just briefly.

Ezra’s visions took him, Kanan, and Chopper to Lothal (Chopper waving goodbye to the Ghost made my heart smile), and as they escaped Garel, Hera had some wonderful moments of leadership and piloting. She kicks ass. Once Kanan and Ezra arrived on Lothal, things got weird. The white Loth-cat from the vision guided their way, and I’m guessing that whole sequence is a reference to a film I haven’t seen. Feel free to let me know in the comments. And though we got the absolute pleasure of having Clancy Brown back in Star Wars as Ryder Azadi, I thought the revelation about Ezra’s parents was anti-climactic. It didn’t hit me in the way I think it should have.

Actually, I take that back. News of their death wasn’t the most moving point of the episode. That award goes to learning Ezra’s parents heard their son speaking on behalf of the Rebellion before they died. It was poignant and brought their story and Ezra’s full circle. I feel like Ezra grew up a lot in “Legacy.” Taylor Gray brought heft to Ezra’s lines and took us on the journey.

Favorite quotes:

  • “You respect them even though they represent your constant failure.” – Seventh Sister
  • “Without hope, we have nothing.” – Mira Bridger
  • “This is not escaping; this is attacking.” – Zeb Orrelios

Did you like “Legacy?” Do you think Azadi is correct about Ezra’s parents being dead? Let me know in the comments or talk to me in Twitter.

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