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STAR WARS: POE DAMERON Writer Teases New Villain

Next month, Poe Dameron will become the first new hero from Star Wars: The Force Awakens to headline his own Marvel comic book series, courtesy of writer Charles Soule and artist Phil Noto. Star Wars: Poe Dameron will be set before The Force Awakens, and it will costar Poe’s beloved droid BB-8, as well as a few familiar faces from the Resistance. But Soule and Noto have created a brand new villain to pit against Poe in this series.

“The main villain is a new character, an intelligence officer in the First Order with some ties to the old Empire,” said Soule in a new interview with Comic Book Resources. “He’s a scary guy, a little older, which I think gives him a cool gravitas in much the same way Peter Cushing delivered as Grand Moff Tarkin in ‘A New Hope.’ His approach to conflicts is very interesting, and he can be a charmer. I think of him almost like an evil Lando.”

Star Wars Poe Dameron 1 cover

Soule also noted that the comic takes place in a brief period before the First Order and the Resistance were actively at war with each other.

“The New Republic and the First Order are in a position of detente, and while there have been a few small skirmishes between the Resistance and the First Order, it’s very much a sort of cold war. That said, the Star Wars galaxy is a dangerous place, and the First Order isn’t the only opponent Poe will face.”

Additionally, Soule tipped his hand towards the genre of the first story and teased a few upcoming arcs.

“Each arc [will be] feeling a bit different,” said Soule. “The first story is straight-up weird, ’70s sci-fi, but there’s plenty more to come — a prison story, an espionage tale — lots of great stuff.”

Star Wars: Poe Dameron will fly into comic book stores in April.

Are you excited to hear about Poe’s new solo adventures? Accept the mission and share your thoughts in the comment section below!


HT: Comic Book Resources

Image Credit: Marvel Comics/Lucasfilm

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