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STAR WARS ADVENTURES Comics Will Start with Rey and Clones

IDW Publishing, you had me at Rey and clones. Okay, let’s be real. You had me at Star Wars.

The company teased their upcoming all-ages comic series Star Wars Adventures at Celebration Orlando, and they’ve just released creator and synopses for the first two issues to CBR. The canonical tales are set to feature characters from various points of the saga from the prequels to The Force Awakens era. It’s a big sandbox, and I’m glad they’re not being limited to the timeline around Episodes VII-IX.

Star Wars Adventures #1 will kick things off. Like all issues of Star Wars Adventures, there will be two stories. For the first and second issues, both stories are written by Cavan Scott with art from Derek Charm. Take a gander at the main cover:


Cover for #1 by Derek Charm

The design is all action and excitement, and I’m into the art style. It reminds me of Genndy Tartakovsky‘s Clone Wars series.

As for the story, we’ll see “Rey’s early adventures on Jakku as well as a comical tale of clone catastrophe.” I’m thrilled to see all the Rey, and I kind of expect it–she’s the current and beloved lead of the sequel trilogy. I’m not one hundred percent certain the clone catastrophe refers to clone troopers, but my fingers are crossed. We saw myriad tales about those characters in Star Wars: The Clone Wars and discovered how rich they were.


Cover for #1 by Eric Jones

We only know one of the stories for issue #2, and it involves the slimy Unkar Plutt. Rey gets stuck in a situation where she has to save him. And because she’s Rey and she’s kind, I’m sure she doesn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand.

See additional covers for the first and second issues of Star Wars Adventures at CBR.

Will you be adding Star Wars Adventures to your pull list this fall? The first issue is expected to arrive on September 6, with the second issue dropping on September 20. Take your speeder to the comments and let us know your thoughts on this new series.

Images: IDW Publishing, CBR

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