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Now You Can Go on a Real Life STAR WARS REBELS Adventure

Now You Can Go on a Real Life STAR WARS REBELS Adventure

Every Star Wars fan who picks up a lightsaber will immediately wave it around and start making the noise. The sound effect is ingrained in our DNA, showing our hope to make the Star Wars universe a reality. Star Wars Land is opening soon with big promises of an immersive experience. Until then guests staying at the Walt Disney World Resort already have the opportunity to get a taste of what a fully interactive Star Wars adventure would be like.

Disney Information Station shared details of a Star Wars themed in-room celebration, where fans of the Disney XD show Star Wars Rebels can make their dreams a reality by going on an interactive adventure guided by Rebels’ own Ezra Bridger.


First teased over a year ago, it seems that now the package is finally ready to be blast-off to Lothal and beyond. The adventure starts out as guests arrive to their resort room to see an Imperial recruitment banner on their door—already this is my dream come true. Once inside you’ll see that the Rebel Alliance has infiltrated the room leaving behind necessary tech and gear for your mission, including an Imperial Security Officer disguise. Disney, please say this comes in XXXL kids size, because I need that uniform for myself.


By downloading a Star Wars app on your smartphone, Ezra will be your guide as he takes you on an undercover mission. An image on the screen shows the characters Sabine and Chopper, which gives me hope that storylines from the show will be incorporated into the mission. Imagine Darth Maul wanting to enter your mind to search your memories or possibly interacting with the Seventh Sister. Or maybe you’ll get a side mission to go find Meiloorun fruit—you know, to keep you out of trouble. Wherever the mission takes you, you’ll get experience the thrill of being in the Star Wars Rebels universe.


This adventure isn’t just virtual, it involves actually leaving the room and heading over to Disney’s Hollywood Studios and riding Star Tours-The Adventures Continue. This sounds similar to Phineas & Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase Adventure, where guests were sent on missions that involved walking through Epcot’s World Showcase. While that activity was free, this one is not—mostly due to all the extra gifts and decor that go along with this encounter. After all, in addition to the posters, outfits, gear and more, when you complete Ezra’s mission you’re directed to head back to your room where a familiar reward will be waiting—a medal of honor, just like the one from Star Wars: A New Hope. Impressive, most impressive.

All this interactivity makes me hopeful for a fully immersive Star Wars Land when it opens. By engaging with guests through the use of technology, fans get to experience Star Wars in their own personal way. I like the idea of being able to fulfill your destiny—be it the path of the Jedi or my own personal path to the dark side of eating churros all day.

For information on how you can participate in this Star Wars Rebels Adventure experience, check out the website and more images in the gallery below.

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