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9 Spectacular Easter Eggs in PS4’s SPIDER-MAN

During the opening scene of Marvel’s Spider-Man, there’s a quick pan of the camera across Peter Parker’s bookshelf. Watch closely and you’ll catch sight of a book that’s instantly recognizable to comic fans: Amazing Fantasy #15. Sneaking the debut appearance of Spider-Man in the first minute of the game shows just how seriously Insomniac Games took the task of hiding Easter eggs in their smash hit.

From comic book references to Marvel movie moments to a real-life romance that doesn’t quite go the way you think, here are some of the best Easter eggs found so far in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PlayStation 4.

Inhuman’s best friend

Earth has wizards now?

Once players start swinging through the incredibly detailed streets of New York City, one of the first Easter eggs they tend to find is the home of one Dr. Stephen Strange, the Sanctum Santorum. You also can’t miss the Avengers Tower soaring above the NYC skyline. But those aren’t the only Marvel superheroes you’ll find in the Big Apple.

Wakanda Forever!

Not only do eye-catching flags fly in front of the United Nations, you can find a certain country’s embassy in the city. Do you think T’Challa is inside?


If he’s not, maybe Jessica Jones can find where he’s hiding…

Where Daredevil drinks

(Ben also spotted Josie’s, the dive bar in Hell’s Kitchen where Matt Murdock, Foggy Nelson, and Karen Page go for drinks.)

Spidey’s favorite snack

Other Easter eggs from comics are much less obvious, like Aunt May’s wheatcakes recipe stashed in one of Peter’s favorite hiding spots.

A real heartbreaker

But it’s the real-life references that are really capturing everyone’s attention (and breaking their hearts a little). Earlier this year, a Spider-Fan named Tyler took a chance and asked Insomniac Games to play a part in his proposal to his girlfriend. Insomniac kindly obliged, but sadly, it was not to be, and the girlfriend broke things off with Tyler.

The game’s executive creative director, Bill Rosemann, had some words of encouragement that put a nice web-spin on the situation.

Love is love!

The Easter eggs from real life aren’t all quite as bleak, especially one in particular that’s been bringing joy to a number of players.

Who else?

And finally, it wouldn’t be a Marvel story without a certain someone making an appearance. Keep an eye on the credits when you finish the game, True Believers, to see where you’ll find him.

What Easter eggs have you spotted in Marvel’s Spider-Man? Tell us in the comments.

All Images: Insomniac Games / Marvel

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