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TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT Trailer Sets Optimus Prime vs. Bumblebee

What great timing! Following the season finale of Westworld is the best moment ever to debut a trailer in which Anthony Hopkins talks about the war of machine against man. Hopkins imparts instant gravitas, even in a franchise where such is not necessary. We are here, those of us who await Transformers: The Last Knight, because we wish to see large transforming robots taking on apocalyptic stakes, and beyond. If the Welsh Oscar winner can justify this logically with his dulcet tones, so much the better.

And so, in the first trailer for the film, we find Medieval knights, Nazis, possible World War I combat, submarines, deep space…it looks like the robot battle will go everywhere in this installment. If you think you’re not seeing enough mechanical combatants, fear not—production just wrapped, so it’s impressive enough to see any. We’ve been told that this fifth film in the series, shot mostly in 3D Imax, will include more Transformers than any prior installment.

But what the robots will disguise themselves as in the Medieval period, we don’t know. Horses? Castles? Giant Monty Python-style wooden rabbits?

Meanwhile, back in modern times, Optimus Prime looks ready to kill Bumblebee, but sounds really sorry about it, all while a giant, fragmented planet appears ready to collide with the Earth (Unicron? That’d be cool if so). Is Optimus possessed? Is Bumblebee? Does it matter as long as they smash stuff up real good? And if series protagonists Josh Duhamel and Mark Wahlberg, meeting onscreen for the first time in the franchise, have a face-punching contest, who will win?

Yes, I am up on my Michael Bay Transformers lore. And yes, I look forward to seeing more. I know some of you do too.

So who’s pumped for more Cade Yeager? Can you haz more, bro? Shout it out in comments below.

Image: Paramount

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