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SONIC Celebrates 25th Anniversary at SDCC with New Game Reveals

Comic-Con is in full swing right now, and though most of us nerds out here are having a grand ol’ time, the blue speedster himself may be having an even better weekend. As part of Sonic‘s 25th Anniversary, SEGA decided to go all out and announce several new projects featuring the iconic hedgehog. So strap yourself in, because we’re about to go fast!

The next game in the main-series is codenamed: “Project Sonic 2017.” Set to launch in 2017 (we would have never guessed), this new title is being developed by the same team that worked on both Sonic Colors and Generations for the Xbox One, PS4, NX, and PC. The debut trailer (which you can check out above) features Sonic overseeing a world that seems to be in complete disarray. And as our hero rushes out to take out some giant robots, classic Sonic comes out of nowhere to join the fight. The slogan for the title is “join the resistance,” but not much else is known about the game.

Recent Sonic adventures have been less than stellar, but this at least looks interesting. The art style (even though this is just CGI) looks rad, and the tone seems intense. The slogan also suggests this could be a multiplayer-centric experience. Alas, we’ll have to wait to hear more about it as we get closer to 2017.

SEGA also made another announcement that should make fans of the classic games extremely excited: Sonic Mania. This will be a brand new 2D platformer, and it’s absolutely glorious. The game looks like something straight out of the original titles, with an emphasis on speeding through obstacles while collecting rings. Feast your eyes on the clip above!

This is obviously an attempt to go back to what made the series so beloved in the first place, and we are so cool with that. Classic levels are re-imagined to go along with new zones. There will be three playable characters (Tails, Knuckles, and of course Sonic), and there’s even a new drop dash. So yeah, this is kind of a big deal.

That’s not all though; two smaller reveals were made to round out the celebration. The Sonic LEGO Dimensions DLC trailer finally dropped, and it looks pretty good. Dimensions is great, so the blue hedgehog should fit right in. Finally, classic Sonic along with Green Hill Zone will be making a comeback in Sonic Dash, the mobile game.

We have to give it up to SEGA–this is how you celebrate 25 years of Sonic. I for one hope our favorite speedster (sorry Speedy Gonzales) rises from the ashes like the beautiful phoenix (hedgehog) that he is. It’s easy to forget that SEGA was once a juggernaut in the industry, in large part due to Sonic‘s popularity. Who else is supposed to challenge Mario for the throne of most iconic video game character?

Which of the announcements got you the most pumped? How fast will you pre-order any of these titles? Is this finally the return of the hedgehog? Let us know in the comments below!

Image: SEGA

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