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Lionsgate Bringing POWER RANGERS Back To The Big Screen

Can you hear that? No, my friends, that’s not the sound of your 1994 wrist communicator that you got from KB Toys beeping away. That’s the sound of millions of ’80s and ’90s kids screaming in sheer and utter joy, and for a damn good reason.

Today, Lionsgate announced that they will be teaming up with Saban Brands to develop the first of a series of new live action Power Rangers films. The new Power Rangers franchise will “re-envision” our alien ass-kicking heroes for the modern big screen. This news comes after Haim Saban recently pulled back the curtain on Saban Films, his newly-formed North American movie distribution operation that will produce eight to ten films on a yearly basis.

“Lionsgate is the perfect home for elevating our Power Rangers brand to the next level,” said Saban in a press release. “They have the vision, marketing prowess and incredible track record in launching breakthrough hits from The Hunger Games to Twilight and Divergent.”

So many questions to be asked and answered now with this awesome announcement. Who will be cast as the Power Rangers in the new franchise? Will they be up against Rita Repulsa and/or Lord Zed? How will the Zords and Megazord look in this day and age of computer animation and technology? You better believe we’ll be following up on these questions as the answers unfold.

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  1. Wyatt Seablom says:

    The “Power” of Andy Dwyre!!! 

  2. Jim M. says:

    NO! They will just screw it up like the television show did.

  3. TJ says:

    Jason David Frank better be in this…

  4. sharadoc says:

    Are they planning to repurpose Japanese footage? Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger is the greatest team ever and they did 4 movies that I can think of. I worry all American footage will take away the charm. Just redo Gokaiger 199 Hero Battle! Check it out on youtube. There’s English subs.

  5. I literally just did a backward flip/28764 degree spin with sparks flying off my chest. 

  6. Jay Wheeler says:

    finely i’ll get wear my morpher in public again, can’t wait to hear more about it. 

  7. Oh how I miss Amy Jo Johnson; she taught a young me a lot about… ummmmm… myself.