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SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY’s 8 Best Chewie and Han BFF Moments

Han and Chewie are a formidable pair, whether they’re flying the Millennium Falcon, avoiding Kanjiklub, rustling rancors, or trying to make it back in time for Life Day lunch! Fans were finally given a chance to see the origin story of the galaxy’s best buds in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and we were loving every single minute of it. So let’s commemorate it with a list celebrating their best BFF moments in the newest entry to the franchise from far, far away!

The Meeting

When Han is thrown into the pit of a “beast” by the Empire’s soldiers, it not only gave us some serious Return of the Jedi vibes but also set the stage for a seriously iconic moment in Star Wars history. Face to face with his future BFF, a mud covered Han speaks Shyriiwook to the enraged Wookiee, avoiding the fate of the three men before him who were supposedly eaten by the hungry hairy one.

The Escape

“Trust me.” These two words will come to define a friendship that’s spanned decades, a marriage, a child, and of course a death. Han’s simple suggestion that his new Wookiee friend should believe in him quickly establishes the relationship between the cute co-pilots, enabling them both to escape the clutches of the Empire… for now.

The Shower

A great bit of physical comedy, this lovely moment saw the pair sharing a shower after their muddy escape. It foreshadowed just how close things between Han and Chewie will get, as the big rug stepped into the water with Han, much to the scruffy nerf herder’s dismay.

The Nickname

Solo: A Star Wars Story was a masterclass in simple character moments, and this was a perfect example. As Han and Chewie stood on the outside of the ship and formally introduced themselves, Han responded to Chewbacca’s full name with, “You’re gonna need a nickname ’cause I ain’t saying that every time.” And lo and behold, the story behind the “Chewie” moniker was revealed!

The Train Heist

In the Star Wars: Legends stories, Chewbacca owes Han a life debt. Although it wasn’t said in as many words, it looks like he probably does after the happenings of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The pair arguably save each other in the Empire’s prison, but Han definitely saves Chewie from a grisly death during the coaxium heist, and their friendship was set in stone.

The Kessel Spice Mines

Chewie does what Chewie does best in the Kessel Spice Mines and saves Han’s butt! Just when things are looking dire for our favorite smuggler and the hyperfuel he’s trying to get back to the Falcon, Chewie comes back from saving his Kashyyykian brothers and sisters and saves the day–and Han’s neck–for what will definitely not be the last time.

The Sass

Han and Chewie have always shared a fantastic rapport, and Solo: A Star Wars Story showcased that brilliantly as the pair joked and snarked at each other. Ehrenreich and Suotamo absolutely kill it here, both excelling at the quick wit and humor that have made the pair so beloved over the years.

The First Flight

Watching Han and Chewie finally take their seats in the Falcon’s cockpit and fly her was a truly special moment as the film delivered big time. It cemented the relationship we all know and love whilst expanding on it by revealing Chewie’s age and experience in the process.

Do you have a favorite Han and Chewie moment that we missed? Just love getting more of a feel for the iconic twosome? Wanna rave about Suotamo and Ehrenreich’s performances? Let us know below!

Images: Disney, Lucasfilm

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