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SNL’s Pete Davidson, Shirley Manson, Brian Regan, and Many More: The Week In Podcasts

The week that was on the Nerdist Podcast Network was full of laughs, and thrills, and sweat. Mostly laughs. Here’s what we had:

*Pete Davidson on You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes: The Saturday Night Live cast member was in the news this week with his response to the Steve Rannazzisi 9/11 story, so there’s a lot of attention being paid to him, and Pete, as usual, brought out a lot from his guest that you won’t hear elsewhere. They talked about finding your comedic voice at a young age, Straight Outta Compton, relationships, freestyling, Chumbawumba… and swag.

*Shirley Manson on the Nerdist Podcast: 20 years after Garbage’s debut album was released, the band’s striking singer showed up to talk about her career, how she became an inadvertent fashion icon, the band as family, and even her love of sci-fi.

*Brian Regan will be on the Nerdist Podcast: The comedian’s comedian remembered the ’80s comedy boom, working clean without being saddled with that “clean comic” stigma, and… well, he showed us what a dirtier Brian Regan bit would be like. His new stand-up special Live from Radio City Music Hall airs September 26th at 9p (ET), and… it’s live.

*Writer/actress Andrea Savage on the Nerdist Podcast: She’s in the new movie Sleeping With Other People, and in Hotwives of Orlando, and she talked about career but also about the old days with Chris, in the waning days of “Peter Hardwick.” So we learned about that, and parenthood, and women pitching comedy projects in Hollywood.

*Voiceover actress Laura Bailey on The Indoor Kids: After Kumail and Emily discussed scones and other pressing issues on the Intro Kids, Laura discussed her career (note: despite appearances in IMDB, she did NOT start working before she was born), hearing friends’ voices while playing games, motion capture, magnifying mirrors, and plenty more insight into the many games she’s voiced. There are a lot.

*Jessica and Bowser with more weird ‘n’ scary stuff on Bizarre States: Homo naledi, a bizarre father-son text exchange leading to a missing couple, statues with boners, the usual stuff.

*Old friend Barret Garese on Pro You: Barret told his story and we learned how he became Tom’s first link to the nerd world.

*Matt Braunger back with a new Ding-Donger: Matt sweated profusely. It was hot most of the week here.

*Simon Gibson, Joey Izzo, and Karen Kilgariff on Terrified: It’s back, it’s live from NerdMelt in L.A., and it’s comedy, music, and fear.

*Short stuff on The Legacy Music Hour Mixtape: The episode with those really short music clips from classic games got a remix.

*Orphan Black creators John Fawcett and Graeme Manson on Clonecast: Yes, it’s back and both looking back on last season and previewing the new season.

*James Grace on Chewin’ It: Improv, improv, improv. James is the Artistic and Managing Director of L.A.’s ioWest Theater, and an old friend of Kevin and Steve, so, yeah, they talk about improv, and improv history, and Chicago sports, and other stuff.

*Co-creator Ben Acker joined by Autumn Reeser and Paget Brewster on Thrilling Adventure Hour: The post-game show of sorts continued with more commentary from some of the key WorkJuice Players.

*Andy Peters on Today We Learned: The comedian did the fact thing with Razzle on this week’s episode.

*Rhys Nicholson and Xavier Moustache on Sex Nerd Sandra: Recorded live in Sydney, Sandra returned with the first part of a look at gender roles and more.

*Jake Weisman and Steve Feinartz on The Todd Glass Show: Comedy, music, murder.

*Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight on the Nerdist Writers Panel: Besides the you-should-really-watch-that period gangster series, he wrote this weekend’s release Pawn Sacrifice, Locke, Eastern Promises, and several other films you may just have seen (or will see), and on this episode, he talked about his process and storytelling.

*Paul Brittain on Pop My Culture: The former SNL cast member joined Cole and Vanessa to talk about what’s going on in entertainment and the world.

Hear it all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and the Nerdist Podcast Network Facebook page. You won’t be sorry. Unless there’s something you haven’t told us.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
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