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SNL Recap: Kevin Hart and Sia

For the first 2015 episode of Saturday Night Live comedian Kevin Hart and musical guest Sia took to the stage at 30 Rock to ring in the new year. Hart was onboard to promote his new movie, The Wedding Ringer, co-starring Frozen and The Book of Mormon star Josh Gad. The sketches ranged from topical to silly so enjoy our recap of the first Saturday Night Live show of the year!

MLK Cold Open

In the cold open at the top of the show this week a student working on a report about Martin Luther King Jr is visited by the ghost of the civil rights leader. While a lot might have improved since the civil rights movement, Dr. King (played by Keenan Thompson) learned that despite being 2015, not everything has changed for the better.

Kevin Hart Monologue

It’s mostly a known fact that when stand up comedians host Saturday Night Live one can expect their monologue to be a piece of their stand up set. This week was no exception and for those who may not be familiar with Hart, who is essentially the biggest stand up act touring right now, the monologue was a great example of his performance style and energy. Hart tells a story about mountain lions, gangster raccoons and other problems that arise when you move into the suburbs.

Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads

Kate McKinnon’s Justin Bieber impression has been a crowd favorite for a long time but recently the stars aligned for the funny when Bieber posed for a series of underwear ads for Calvin Klein. Some said his ads were photoshopped, others said they were just plain creepy but leave it to McKinnon and SNL to make them downright hilarious on purpose.

Bushwick, Brooklyn 2015

It’s no secret that hipsters have taken over Brooklyn. Now, drop on on three friends (Kenan Thompson, Kevin Hart, Jay Pharoah) hanging out on the corner in their neighborhood and talking about what they’ve been up to.

Kevin’s Son

Since Jay Pharoah joined SNL in 2010 he was renowned for his impressions. Pharoah can do an incredible Barack Obama, Denzel Washington, Chris Rock and countless other celebrities. Now in the sketch called “Kevin’s Son,” Pharoah comes face to face with Kevin Hart backstage at one of his comedy shows as his mom (played by Leslie Jones) tells Kevin that after a one night stand, they have a son. While Kevin initially questions the paternity of the situation, once his “son” starts talking, it becomes pretty clear who the father is.

Listening Party

In one of the sillier sketches from the evening, Hart plays up and coming rapper “Chocolate Droppa” who is in the studio testing out new material. When he performs his newest song for his crew, they are less than pleased when they found out that their friend who they had trusted with their biggest secrets might not be so trustworthy after all.

Saturday Night Live returns next weekend with host and musical guest country star and The Voice coach Blake Shelton!


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  1. Bryan says:

    Overall I thought it was a pretty decent show. Sia was great, but there were so many technical glitches, such as the Why’d You Post That monitor fail and the couch gag fail in addition to a few times where the camera was pointed at another camera. Very odd stage direction or producer choices.

  2. Kevin says:

    You missed the musical Game of Thrones sketch with Kevin in it! Also, you mentioned Sia, but, uh, failed to mention Sia.