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THE SHANNARA CHRONICLES Recap: High Ho, High Ho, Back to Arborlon We Go

Another week, another jam-packed episode of The Shannara Chronicles. MTV’s fantasy series is not holding back, and we could not be more into it. The beautiful, sweeping landscapes! The crazy awesome CGI work! The high-stakes plot! It’s all coming together quite nicely, wouldn’t you agree? Let’s get to recapping “Fury” before another leaf falls from the Ellcrys.

The aftermath of the fury attack leaves Allanon wounded and Amberle reeling from the realization that she’s the last of the Chosen—in other words, her boyfriend was murdered back in Arborlon. While she broke down about her loss, Wil confided in her about her mother, and they bonded. But just as Amerble told him she blames herself for everything that’s happening with the Ellcrys, Allanon collapsed from his injuries. They took him to a Druid cave for safe keeping while Wil and Amberle went off in search for a special mud with the healing properties that may just save Allanon.

On their way, and after Wil confessed his Shannara ancestry to Amberle, they were captured by Eretreia’s Rover clan. Her dad, Cephelon, knew all about Wil’s background and wanted him to reveal the power of the elfstones. Plus, he tried to force Eretria to kill Amberle in a blood sport show for the rest of the clan. Luckily, she didn’t quite feel like killing Amberle simply because Cephelon told her to, so she helped our hero escape. Amberle, however, thought of a better idea than just leaving Wil to fend for himself with Cephelon: She decided to take Eretria hostage and try to negotiate Wil’s safe return.

While Amberle tried to use Eretria as leverage to get out of the Rover camp (not banking on the fact that Cephelon clearly did not care about his daughter’s fate), the shit totally hit the fan. The entire camp was attacked by another fury. In the fray, Wil realized the elfstones were calling out to him. He used the elfstones and the magic inside of him to kill the attacking demon, but passed out from the painful after-effects of magic. Allanon found Amberle and the passed out Wil in the destroyed camp and took them to safety where he healed Wil’s wounds. They set off again to Arborlon, but on their way, they came across a farm where the owners were strung up and relieved of all their organs by demons. That was a gruesome sight. Yikes.

The Shannara Chronicles

But while Wil escaped to find some privacy to puke his guts out (understandable), he heard a sound, and realized someone was locked inside the cellar in the barn. Amberle, Wil, and Allanon found the dead couple’s son, Bandon, chained up inside, and Wil and Amberle wanted to take him to Arborlon instead of leaving him with his dead parents. But Allanon couldn’t read Bandon’s thoughts, and which meant A) the boy had magic in him, and B) he couldn’t trust him. So, he advised Wil and Amberle against taking the boy with them. But Amberle put her foot down, so Bandon joined their journey.

Back at the Rover camp, Cephelon found Eretria packing to leave the camp for good. He stopped her and discovered the royal elf cuff she had stolen off Amberle, and realized the elf girl meant more than he first thought. He threatened Eretria again to help him capture Wil and the elfstones again, and only then would she be truly free from him. Father of the year, everyone!

The trio of Allanon, Wil, and Amberle, along with Bandon, finally arrived back at Arborlon. But when Bandon accidentally touched Amberle, he got a vision of everyone bloody and dead at Safehold, and so he convinced Wil to stay and help Amberle on her quest to save the Ellcrys. Before she can set off on her quest, she had to face the elven council for abandoning her post as one of the Chosen.

When the council meeting began to go terribly awry, and it seemed like she wouldn’t get to carry out her duty to save the Ellcrys, Wil returned to help Amberle. Relieved that Wil chose to stick with the quest, Allanon finally revealed to everyone that Wil is the last son of Shannara. That realization was all everyone needed to finally believe them that magic is back and that demons are rising.

Amberle was then finally allowed to return to the Ellcrys to receive its seed and begin her journey to bring it to the Bloodfire at Safehold. But before she can do that, she needed to pass a test inside the Ellcrys first, to prove she is worthy of carrying its seed. And if she fails the test, she dies. And so she takes on the risk, and goes into the Ellcrys to get the seed.

What did you think of last night’s action-packed episode? Let us know in the comments section below!

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The Shannara Chronicles airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on MTV.

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