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See What FURY ROAD Might Have Been with This 1997 Concept Art

I graduated high school in 1997. The summer before I started a new chapter in my life, I had to deal with this:


Now I am even more irritated knowing there was a slight chance I could have seen the greatness that is Fury Road around that time instead. British artist Brendan McCarthy has shared some of the concept art he drew when he helped George Miller write the initial story for Fury Road.

In the gallery below, you can see what the original plans for Furiosa were. Some of the designs had her with long hair and a faceguard, and others she has a shaved head like in the film, but is covered with war paint.

The War Boys have the same feel to them, but some evolution has definitely taken place. Back in 1997, they were originally called the NECRO Boyz (Necro is spelled about three different ways in the gallery, so I chose this one), and also wore multi-colored war paint. Instead of being bald, they had long stringy hair. I feel either design would have worked for the film.

Max looks pretty much the same, as well as the vehicles (Let’s be honest, the vehicles were so insane looking, ANYTHING drawn here was probably in the movie).

You can check out the gallery below for McCarthy’s awesome renditions. However, I do want ask, WHAT THE?


Could you imagine Max and Furiosa fighting off the War Boys and all of a sudden a GIANT LOBSTER CLAW starts attacking you? Sorry, everyone. I think I found the one thing the movie was missing.

So what say you? Was there anything from the gallery that you wish had made it into the movie? What was your favorite piece? How many times are you seeing Fury Road over the holiday weekend? Let me know on Twitter or in the comments below.

HT: imgur; reddit/r/movies

IMAGES: Brendan McCarthy


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