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See THE HANGOVER Re-Cut as a Hitchcockian Thriller

“Four gentleman that have had too much to drink wake up in a stupor, after the crazy one poisons their drinks with an illicit substance. What happened the night before that drove them into the madness of the following day?”

Introducing, the latest thriller from director Alfred Hitchcock!

Well, not quite. It’s really The Hangover, but with a new trailer re-cut in the style of a classic Hitchcock movie. This is the newest entry into Mashable Watercooler‘s “Trailer Mix” series, where films get re-imagined in different genres or styles. Suddenly the mysteries that the four Vegas drunks woke up to are far less funny, and much more sinister.

How did they end up with an exotic dancer’s baby? Why did they steal a celebrity’s pet tiger? And how did they end up in debt to the naked Asian man in their trunk?

If you really want to appreciate just how much this is like a Hitchcock trailer—including the opening with the definition of the title, the broad statements of grandeur, and the ominous music—watch the original trailer from 1958 for Vertigo.

You know, if they really wanted to take Todd Phillips’ comedy and make it much more sinister, it would have been simpler to use the second and third films, since those are already terrifying enough on their own.

“See the exact same movie, beat-for-beat and joke-for-joke, only set somewhere else, and not enjoyable in any way!” and “Watch as everyone gives up on the entire premise of waking up from a terrible hangover so we don’t make the same film a third time!”

What other recent comedy could you cut into a Hitchcock film. Thrill us with your thoughts below.

Image: Warner Bros.

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