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CREED Re-Cut as a Cheesy 90s Home VHS Movie

“Adonis Johnson lives to fight, so he’s throwing in the towel, and throwing his hat in the ring. But to learn what boxing is all about, he won’t be treated with kid gloves.

This week’s entry in Mashable Watercooler‘s Trailer Mix series, where they take movies and re-imagine them as a different genre, takes one of 2015’s best films, Creed, and turns it into a 1990s VHS home video release, the kind with low quality footage, an easy to follow plot, and most importantly, a heavy-handed message.

Some of you watching this are too young to appreciate that this is what movies actually used to look like when you watched them on cassette. Not to mention you had to physically go to the store, rent the tape, and then physically return it, not merely sit on your couch and have it magically brought to you!

Sorry. Nothing makes me a cranky old man more than some of you not understanding the hell that was going to a Blockbuster without knowing what you felt like watching.

Oh, and maps. Maps were the worst. I don’t know how any of us ever used maps.

I don’t know if “90s VHS video release” really counts as its own genre, but man did they nail the aesthetics of the style here, and the narration is perfect. This version of Creed would have been played every afternoon when school got out, with a ton of anti-drug commercials airing during it.

This also is the perfect excuse to show another funny video that also captured the cheesy look and feel of late 21st century programming.

Thank god for high definition.

What real movie trailer from the late 80s/early 90s did this remind you of? Spar with us in the comments below and tell us your thoughts.

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