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Scream at a Wall: The Best Hardcore Tunes for Memorial Day Weekend

Wipe the blood from your teeth and get in the pit: it’s time for a recap of this week’s best hardcore, metal, and punk rock. We dug through the record crates to find the new tunes we think you need to spin and rage to. Looking for some new death metal to bring into your life? Got you covered. Need some grindcore to get your wedding reception off on the right foot? Say no more. Strap in kiddies, it’s time to rock.


Venture Bros. from Cartoon Network

We had the honor of premiering the new Frameworks music video this week, and it is a beauty. The song “Purge” is just a taste of what their new record will bring us, and it’s a mighty fine treat. Emotional, intense, and energetic, it’s fantastic all the way through. We’re super, super pumped for this one and already have Smother on pre-order.

Vitamin X have released an epic music video for their song “About to Crack.” The song is a blazing punk rock number and the visuals that accompany it are perfection. It’s got a pissed off, skateboarding skeleton who unleashes mayhem around a city while the band rips through their jam with angry, violent intensity. Everything about this song and video feels like it’s from a different era, like it was all born two decades ago. Punk’s not dead, it’s just a cartoon now. [Noisey]

Last week, we told you we were losing our minds over the fact that a new Russian Circles album had been announced. This week, we’ve got the album’s first single, and holy cow is it awesome. “Vorel” encompasses everything we love about this band; it’s a huge, sonic trip through other worlds. Plus, this record is produced by Kurt Ballou (Converge) and he always brings a punishing, heavy atmosphere to albums. Everything about this has us excited. Everything about Russian Circles is cause for celebration. [Rolling Stone]

In the realm of big loud post-metal sounds, Scientist are bringing their A game. There are some heavy contrasts between melody and mayhem within this song, it jumps back and forth a lot. “The Lighthouse” never lets you get too comfortable; just when you are sinking into a nice harmony and punches you in the face with a violent, crushing riff and growl. It’s that sonic range that makes Scientist so interesting. We definitely dig what they’re doing and look forward to hearing more. Also, bonus points for these dudes for having the raddest album artwork of the year, thus far. It’s a Cthulhu elephant monster and we love it.

We have a soft spot for Thrice. The last few albums these dudes put out have been fantastic and show real growth beyond their melodic hardcore roots. After taking a extended break, the band is back with To Be Everywhere is to Be Nowhere, and it’s a great a record. They’ve released a video for the song “Black Honey,” and it’s probably the strangest road trip you’ll ever go on. The song is rad, too, filled with soaring melodies and hard-hitting post-rock riffs. We’re glad you are back, Thrice. Don’t leave us again, okay?

Muscle & Marrow’s new album, Love, is easily one of the year’s best. Heavy, haunting, and graceful, this record is a must-buy for everyone. The scope of the songs is massive; everything about this album feels bigger than life. It’s so dark you need a flashlight just to see it all, and even then you can escape the inky blackness that pours into your soul when you hear it. In other words, don’t skip this one. Muscle & Marrow are sure to ended up on countless “Best of the Year” lists and it will be well deserved. We can’t stop listening to Love.

Lastly, we have Hesitation Wounds. Their debut album is streaming in full and it’s beyond radical. Featuring members and ex-members of Touche Amore, Trap Them, and  Slipknot, Hesitation Wounds are a supergroup that transcends the usual pitfalls bands like this tend to fall into. This doesn’t feel like some strange, side project indulgence. It’s ripping hardcore that’s extremely raw and human, a band that hits you hard and leaves you wanting more. The production on the record sounds fantastic (just listen to those drums!) and every song hits you fast, never overstaying their welcome. Killer stuff, from start to finish.

That’s it for this week. Go forth; throw some horns up and keep spinning in the black circle. If there’s a metalcore, grindcore, hardcore, or any other -core song you think the world needs to hear, sound off in the comments below. \m/

Image: Cartoon Network

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