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Scott Ian's Bloodworks

Scott Ian’s BLOODWORKS Premiere: Crafting a Demon with VVD Effects

Warning: The following contains adult language and graphic, bloody, awesome fake violence. Welcome to the premiere of Scott Ian’s Bloodworks!

Hosted by Anthrax’s Scott Ian, Bloodworks presents a behind-the-scenes look at the most impressive make-up and effects artists in the business, the A-list celebrities they work with, and the blockbuster films and TV shows that benefit from their craft. In today’s episode, Scott Ian heads over to Vincent Van Dyke Effects (VVD) to see how they create realistic body parts, fat suits, and other prosthetics for television shows like Nip Tuck, Modern Family, Grey’s Anatomy, and Dexter. Plus, Scott Ian makes a deal with the devil that turns out to be much, much more than he’d bargained for…

Scott Ian’s Bloodworks airs Tuesdays right here on Follow the show on Facebook and Twitter!

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  1. Also wish this was on YouTube so I could watch it on my PS3

  2. These are the best. The absolute best.

  3. Thought it was funny how they slam through the double doors at 7:13. Awesome episode! 

  4. Marc says:

    I like Carl.  He has “Can I just get back to work?” face.

  5. jamiejamez says:

    Is there a RSS Feed to get these episodes? I don’t have time, nor will I ever be able to remember to come to a website every week to see the latest show.

  6. EyeHeartMilk says:

    Sweet first episode…I could get behind this

  7. amanda says:

    wish this was on youtube as well.  the videos playing on the nerdist mobile site doesn’t work on my phone.  ads and the drop down menu cover the video.

  8. John says:

    Best even xD

  9. John says:

    BETS SHOW EVER IS BACK! Just like Angus that was a good one xDDD Btw reminds me of the devil from The pick of Destiny but this one is way better 😀

  10. Really nice makeup, and entertaining to watch. Loving this show.

  11. kerrell says:

    Oh man that was awesome! So looking forward to the rest of the series,the ending was the best. Death by Gibson. Haha