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Say Good Morning to Baked Cheesecake Flavored Cornflakes

If your morning ritual is all about coffee and toast, then you’ve really been missing out. Japan is bringing out the big guns when it comes to cornering the breakfast market, thanks to the announcement of new baked cheesecake flavored cereal. It’s like they always say: cheesecake is the most important meal of the day!

A variety of the Ciscorn BIG breakfast cereal, this morning treat is made by the Nissin company, also known for its noodles. They sell more cornflakes than any other brand in the country—and with good reason. The company offers a large variety of strange yet enticing flavors, from the old standbys plain, frosted, and chocolate varieties, to Japanese-inspired tastes like yogurt, melon, and matcha flavored cereals.

Per the Nissin website, the special cheesecake flavor cornflakes will hit the stores on February 1, and are sure to make a great Valentine’s Day gift. That’s right, they advise mixing the cereal with white chocolate, to make a tasty, crunchy Valentine’s Day treat. I don’t know about you, but I’m all in for a bouquet of cheesecake cereal treats instead of flowers.

Let’s get to the real meat of this story—or the pancake of this story if you will—because the site also lists pancake flavored cornflakes as one of their best sellers. Why? Because while breakfast is the best meal of all time, breakfast flavored breakfast food is just meta enough (Sorry, Kanye). Stick to what you know best Japanese cereal makers, dessert flavored breakfast. Because that makes all the sense.

Check out all the flavors in the gallery.

Would you try cheesecake flavored cereal? Let us know in the comments!

IMAGE: rocketnews24/Nissin
HT: rocketnews24


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