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RICK AND MORTY’s Pickle Rick Gets His Own Funko Pop

Rick and Morty‘s most absurd iteration of its mad genius and the pop culture sensation, Pickle Rick, will be getting not one but two Funko Pop figures of his very own. And while there are very few ways to make a man-pickle outfitted in the limbs and ribs of a bunch of sewer rats all that cute, these two Pops are definitely a lot more adorable than the actual Pickle Rick.

The first Pickle Rick is ready for a fight, with electric stabbing tools on his arms posed in flipping-us-off position… which seems more than appropriate.

The second figure has Pickle Rick armed with the improvised laser gun he used to blow through the skulls of the Russian operatives who were trying to hunt him down. Unfortunately for them, Solenya was no myth, and now he has his own Funko Pops for their families to remember their murderer by. (What? Too dark? Do you watch the show?)

The best part about this announcement might be when they will be available. Funko says you can get your hands on the Pop Pickle Ricks this December, just in time for Christmas. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a killer pickle.

What other characters from Rick and Morty do you hope get their own Funko Pops someday? Use your portal gun to head into our comments section below and let us know.

Images: Funko


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