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BROOKLYN NINE-NINE Opening Credits in LEGO Celebrate the Show’s Revival

This month has been unexpectedly tense for fans of Andy Samberg‘s cop sitcom, Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Last week, Fox canceled the series after five seasons and the future looked bleak for the Nine-Nine. TT Games Global Community Manager Bear Parker assumed that the show was a goner, and he quickly recreated Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s opening sequence in LEGO style animation as a tribute. However, by the time Parker was finished, NBC came riding to the rescue and renewed Brooklyn Nine-Nine for a 13-episode sixth season. Now, the LEGO Brooklyn Nine-Nine video is a celebration of the show’s return.

TT Games is the developer behind many of the official LEGO video games, and Parker has previously released several of his own LEGO recreations on his YouTube channel. Parker also offered up some insight on his latest video while talking to fans on twitter.

One fan noticed that Parker had made Melissa Fumero’s Sergeant Amy Santiago more family friendly by swapping out her gun with a banana.

While a LEGO Brooklyn Nine-Nine video game is probably just a pipe dream, Parker responded favorably when asked about the possibility of a LEGO themed episode of the show.

Look, Andy Samberg is one of the writers of The LEGO Movie‘s Oscar-nominated theme song, so it might not be impossible, right? The sixth season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine will likely premiere in 2019 on NBC.

Would you want to see a LEGO Brooklyn Nine-Nine episode? Let us know in the comment section below!

Image: Bear Parker

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