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10 Schwifty Gifts for the RICK AND MORTY Fan on Your List

Wubba lubba dub dub, it’s the holiday season! And considering we can’t pass the time until our insignificant deaths by going on adventures across infinite dimensions with our mad scientist genius grandfather, buying something nice for our loved ones isn’t the worst thing we can do. And because we know traveling to the mall this time of year can be like trying to break out of the Citadel of Ricks with only Jerry to help, we’ve put together a Rick and Morty holiday gift guide to make things easier for you. So rather than waste time in traffic and long lines, sit back and enjoy some interdimensional cable while we take care of your shopping list with these squanchy gift ideas.

Mr. Poopybutthole Plush Doll

Rick and Morty might be bleak at times, but oooooooh weeeeeee don’t have any bad memories of Mr. Poopybutthole. That’s why fans of any age will enjoy this six-inch plush doll from Funko, who also has lots of other great figures, apparel, and collectibles from the series. ($10)

“Total Rickall” Cooperative Card Game

Cryptozoic Entertainment has a bunch of Rick and Morty games for your board game loving friend, including this co-op card game based on season two’s amazing episode that first introduced us to Mr. Poopybutthole, “Total Rickall.” Designed for two to five players, the game takes about 30 minutes, and just like on the show, it asks you to identify which strange characters are real and which ones are parasites. And we all know what happens if you get that wrong. ($11)

Pickle Rick Keychain

Before fans lost their mind over Szechuan Sauce, they were going nuts over Pickle Rick. That’s why you can find almost any type of gift inspired by Rick’s dumbest/best version you want. But our favorite is one of the simplest, this keychain from SM Props Creation, which like the actual Pickle Rick can fit into small spaces and go anywhere. ($12.59)

Two Brothers Movie Poster

Interdimensional cable has given us so many insane companies and shows, and one of the absolute best is the rambling mess that is the movie Two Brothers. And now you can remember the film thanks to this poster from ToastMonsters at Redbubble. Fellow Rick and Morty fans will love this, but the real value will be in trying to explain it to people who have no idea what it’s about. “Well, they’re two brothers, and….” ($12-$20-$28)

Handmade Set of Six Rick and Morty Ornaments

Rick doesn’t strike us as the type to decorate the tree with us, but he would give us a Mr. Meeseeks box to help get tinsel on those hard to reach branches. But you can get everyone involved in the holiday spirit with this six-pack of custom-made ornaments from KTS Graphics. It’s Decoration Rick! ($22.95)

“Riggity Riggity Wrecked” Ugly Christmas Sweater

Even if Rick wouldn’t help us string lights, we know he’d help himself to the egg nog. And considering the stress of the holiday season, who can blame him. That’s why this ugly fleece, available in both red and blue, from The Sweater King, is a great way to celebrate both Rick and Morty and one of the best/most necessary parts Christmas, but without actually getting riggity riggity wrecked. ($24.99)

Official Toy Portal Gun

The single most iconic item from the show is Rick’s portal gun, and this is the official replica toy model of it from Adult Swim, which you can get through Amazon. It lights up, and works great as a present for younger fans of the show, for cosplayers, and just as a fun item for your desk or bookshelf. ($29.99)

The Art of Rick and Morty Concept Art Book

Not only does this gorgeous book from Dark Horse Publishing feature exclusive never-before-seen concept art for the show, the cover glows in the dark. You….you don’t have to be a genius Morty to know this is a must-have for any fan, and it can be purchased wherever books are sold. (E-Book $21.99, Print $36-40)

Five-Piece Painting

The world of Rick and Morty is big and bold, so if you want to bring that into your own home you might want to go with a five-piece painting from Empire Prints,. This one features Rick and Morty fleeing some of the show’s most well-known secondary characters, but they also have other options (including non-paintings), including this pretty one if you want a painting that lets you admire the beauty of the galaxy without the danger. ($35.90)

Personal Customized Rick and Morty Portrait

Despite how often “adventure” means “horrible disaster of death” we’d all love to spend some time in the world of Rick and Morty. But without a working portal gun we can’t do that. Plus, it is a cartoon–we’re not lunatics. Thanks to these custom digital images from ZK Portraits Workshop, you can still be drawn into the world. If you send in an image of you and a loved one (the more people–up to five–the higher the cost, but your animal is free), they will animate you into the scene of your choice from the show. If you don’t like their options, you can even pay an extra $9 for another one. Considering how often things turn sour for Rick and Morty, it’s probably best to ask to be animated with a weapon. ($55-$112)

What did we miss? Are there any other great gifts out there for fans of Adult Swim’s hit series? Share them with us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Adult Swim

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