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A Super Serious Breakdown of RICK AND MORTY’s “Fathers and Daughters” (The Doodoo Butt Song)

Rick and Morty‘s stellar third season isn’t just pumping out great episodes, it’s producing some amazing songs. Because after this season’s ditty “Terryfold” debuted on the Billboard Top 100, Sunday night’s episode “The ABCs of Beth” out shined it with “Fathers and Daughters,” a touching number about the complication relationship between a dad and his little girl. Also it’s about doodoos in your butt.

And now that Adult Swim has released the full song we know it’s even deeper and more emotional than we first realized. So in honor of the smartest dumb show on TV, we’re breaking down the lyrics to see what it is really about.

Adult Swim credits the song to Dan Harmon and Ryan Elder, and it features the band Chaos Chaos, but to truly analyze this it’s important to remember that in the episode, Rick was writing it before Beth came back from her Froopy Land murder spree.

I got a doodoo in my butt
And I don’t know what to do
With a doodoo in my butt

The singer has an issue he doesn’t know how to solve, and the imagery of a doodoo in his butt makes it clear this problem really stinks.

But I know that a father should say to you
That he’s proud of you

This is where the song gets to the heart of the matter. When a father is facing a problem, even a sticky, odorous one, he needs to take the time to build his daughter’s self-esteem. Yes, we might have doodoos to deal with, but that’s no reason to forget what’s important.

Every daughter is a doodoo from a father’s butt

This might sound shocking at first, since he is equating his daughter to a literal piece of shit, but to Rick Sanchez anyone worth anything is a doodoo, because that means you’re smart. He shared this lesson with Beth in this very episode. Her being a doodoo is the highest compliment because he’s a doodoo, too.

Biologically speaking the “butt” is a nut

As a scientist Rick wants to make sure we all understand the actual biology of this symbolism.

And every father “fathers” wrong
And there isn’t a song that can change that

Rick knows he is flawed, and though he can’t change who he is to be a better father, and no song can make up for those failings, he does love his doodoo and wants her to know that.

A strange way to say something incredibly sweet? Surely, but this is Rick and Morty after all, so how else would Rick do it?

Plus the word doodoo is really ****ing funny.

Where does “Fathers and Daughters” rank among your favorite songs from the show? Get schwifty in our comments below and let us know.

Enjoy *burrrrp* more Rick and Morty!

Images: Adult Swim

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