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RICK AND MORTY’s “Terryfold” Song Debuted High on The Billboard Charts

Stan Lee says Marvel will eventually get the rights to both the X-Men and the Fantastic Four back, but will that ever actually happen? That’s what we discussed on today’s Nerdist News Talks Back, along with Rick and Morty hitting the Billboard charts, and Jon Hamm signing on to voice Boba Fett.

Mothership‘s Amy Vorpahl sat in the pilot’s chair today, and she was joined by Nerdist News writer Joan Ford, producer Jason Nguyen, and editor Kyle Anderson. Our very own Fantastic Four started with Stan Lee’s comments about how he’s sure Marvel will get back two of its lost franchises, but is there any reason to think this will really happen? Even if they did, could either comfortably fit in to the already massive MCU? Are there other Marvel characters more obscure than the Fantastic Four and X-Men we’d rather see join Marvel’s Cinematic Universe instead?

One thing we don’t have to speculate on is the fact Rick and Mortys song “Terryfold” from this season’s “Rest and Ricklaxation” really did debut at #33 on the Billboard charts. Of all the songs from the show, was this the one that deserved this kind of recognition? And how many people even know what “terryfold” means? Is that number more or less than the number who realized Pickle Rick’s rat-killing spree was a Breaking Bad homage?

Finally, we geeked out over the announcement that Jon Hamm will voice Boba Fett in the audiobook for the Star Wars short story collection From A Certain Point of View. Is this casting news good enough that Hamm should also play the bounty hunter in a live action film too? And what other side characters from the galaxy far, far away would we like to learn more about?

Oh, and in a little bit of Nerdist kismet, the author of the Boba Fett short story, titled “Added Muscle,” is Paul Dini, who we just spoke to on Alpha about Batman: The Animated Series, so make sure you check that out.

And make sure you check out Nerdist News Talks Back every weekday at 1:00 p.m. PST live on our YouTube and Alpha channels, so you can get in on the conversation too. No matter how fantastic our group is, it’s always better when they are part of a bigger universe.

You can still talk back to us about today’s topics though, right here in the comments section.

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