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Realistic Mini Turkeys Are Actually Cake Pops

Can you imagine if turkeys were only 2-inches big? Don’t write that off as a crazy food-coma induced dream, thanks to baker Semadar Gordel it’s now a reality. These little realistic roasted turkeys look good enough to set up as a centerpiece for your dollhouse holiday meal, but in fact they are actually mini cake pops!

These little birds are born like all animals, in a cake pop maker. The cakes are lemon flavored and covered with strawberry frosting. Seems like a waste of an opportunity to make turkey and gravy flavored cake, just saying.

After the pops are frosted, they are covered in dyed fondant and then it’s time to move on to the teeny tiny details. A bird can’t be naked, so skin and bone are painstakingly recreated with fondant and gel paste food coloring. A few additions of more fondant and wings and drumsticks are formed. We’re talking steady-hands-of-a-surgeon-type sculpting here, as the pieces are only around fingertip size.

turkey pop paint-11252015

The turkey’s beautiful caramel skin color is created by mixing food gel paste and vodka to make an edible paint. I’m fairly sure the Mona Lisa was created the exact same way. Don’t quote me on that. A little bit of added texture along with a few painted brush strokes and suddenly this little birdie is brought to life.

These crispy, golden brown turkeys are ready for their Thanksgiving table setting debut. If only these were real miniature savory turkeys, then we’d all have had more room for pie.

Will you be making mini turkey pops for your Thanksgiving dinner next year? Let us know in the comments!

HT: Cookie Dough Shop
Images: Cookie Dough Shop

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