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Read an Entire Short Story from the ATTACK ON TITAN Anthology!

Read an Entire Short Story from the ATTACK ON TITAN Anthology!

Now that Hajime Isayama’s manga series Attack on Titan has proved itself to be a worldwide blockbuster, several American comic creators are taking their crack at the comic’s world in the new Attack on Titan Anthology from Kodansha. For this project, Kodansha assembled an amazing lineup of creators, including Gail Simone, Faith Erin Hicks, Michael Avon Oeming, Paolo Rivera, Cameron Stewart, and Babs Tarr, among others. Today, we’re running an entire short story from the Attack on Titan Anthology by superstar Batman writer, Scott Snyder, with co-writer Ray Fawkes and artist Rafael Albuquerque. Snyder and Albuquerque have previously collaborated on the Vertigo Comic series, American Vampire, while Fawkes worked with Snyder on Batman: Eternal and wrote the Gotham By Midnight horror series for DC.

This 10-page story is called “Under the Surface,” and it takes place in 2030 during a particularly dark chapter for humanity. All of the fish and the whales in the ocean have seemingly died off, and society is literally breaking down. One man named Dr. Price has a personal mission to restore hope and faith to the people, but his attempt to record his good will message with his cameraman is challenged by an all-out battle between the police and an increasingly violent crowd. Suddenly, not even the skies are safe.


You can read the entire story, in which Price does his best Dr. Zarkov impression and his inspiration for hope turns out to something much darker than he expected, in our gallery below. This is the beginning of a new age, and suddenly, humanity has a brand new problem to deal with.


Kodansha has also posted a few videos on its YouTube channel that profile the creators involved with this book, including cover artist Paolo Rivera.

The Attack on Titan Anthology is out in stores now, and you can find more information about on Kodansha’s official site.

Images: Kodansha


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