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Premiere: This Minecraft Soundtrack Sampler Is Uplifting and Beautiful

I have always found the limitlessness of Minecraft to be intimidating–a world with no boundaries is a place where voxel-based chaos might likely reign. However, as someone who is easily overwhelmed by the least threatening things, I have generally found the game’s emollient, ambient soundtrack a panacea to all stresses within and outside the game. It’s hard to feel anxious when soothing music that channels Brian Eno’s Music For Airports is cradling you into sonic safety.

That’s why I was stoked to hear that the composer behind the dreamy soundtrack would be physically releasing the first volume of his work as Minecraft Volume Alpha this August. Daniel Rosenfeld, a.k.a. C418, is the German composer behind the famous virtual world’s soundscapes, and in anticipation of the forthcoming release, he compiled a four-track sampler of some of his most uplifting tracks. Mixing analog with digital, the beginning of each song recalls low tide, and as the compositions progress you can actively feel the disparate parts of the song gain momentum simultaneously and crest. It is busy yet calming, just like the surface of an ocean a couple day following a storm. Check out the four tracks below and see for yourself.

Minecraft Volume Alpha is out August 21 via Ghostly International and you can preorder the release right here. In addition to the CD and standard vinyl releases, a limited edition collection of transparent green vinyl with a 3-D lenticular jacket is also available. Check out the jacket art and track-lists for CD and vinyl below.



Vinyl Tracklist
1. Subwoofer Lullaby
2. Living Mice
3. Moog City
4. Haggstrom
5. Minecraft
6. Clark
7. Mice On Venus
8. Dry Hands
9. Wet Hands
10. Sweden
11. Cat
12. Danny
CD Tracklist
1. Key
2. Door
3. Subwoofer Lullaby
4. Death
5. Living Mice
6. Moog City
7. Haggstrom
8. Minecraft
9. Oxygene
10. Equinoxe
11. Mice on Venus
12. Dry Hands
13. Wet Hands
14. Clark
15. Chris
16. Thirteen
17. Excuse
18. Sweden
19. Cat
20. Dog
21. Danny
22. Beginning
23. Droopy Likes Ricochet
24. Droopy Likes Your Face
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