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Pete Holmes Gets Fast and Furious on “Conan”

Our own Pete Holmes was on Conan last night. Did you miss it? Never fear, we got you covered.

First, Pete discussed baked goods, parents, and his inability to get into Game of Thrones. No realms for Pete:

Here’s Pete and Paul Walker with a trailer for the new Fast and Furious installment, which puts some civility in the franchise. Actually, it puts too much civility in there:

Pete was sent to London to cover the premiere of Fast and Furious 6, and Pete came back with some observations about how they speak over there:

And here are some web exclusives from Team Coco here, including Pete’s interviews and general foolishness with the Fast and Furious 6 cast:

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  1. Atticus says:

    @Patty -I was thinking Pete looked like a lost O’Connell brother.

  2. Joe Vichich says:

    I’m going to try out the Muppet Punch at a rough bar tonight.

  3. Patty Marvel says:

    Shoot, the make-up makes Pete look like a cross between Mozart and The Joker.

  4. Cameron C. says:

    Can you have two ‘The Greatest Thing Ever’ because this is one of em. I laughed so hard I crapped a rooster made out of pure joy!

  5. AlexTheBritishLlama says:

    That was an absolutely brilliant debut, I laughed far too hard in the office. Pete Holmes and Chris Hardwick are two very deserving comedians.