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Peep 15 New ORPHAN BLACK Images or Risk Upsetting the Castor Clones

Now we know not everyone has been privy enough to (full-brag alert) the first two episodes of Orphan Black season three like we have, but the latest pictures sure do paint a vivid picture of the insanity to come.

In these 15 (yes, one-five!) images from the first three episodes of the season, we’re presented with several questions, images, and scenarios that beg all of the questions about the perilous trail that lay ahead for our sestrahood like no other. The Leda clones, after all, have a new potential barrier/answer in the Castor clones (played by Ari Millen, whom we interviewed about this upcoming season here) and — purely based on the images below — they don’t look to be the warm-fuzziest of fellas. I mean, look at how skulking and elusive they all are: hiding in shadows, peeking around corners. What is their deal? Why are they so scary and also maybe-crazy? Why now?

And did they have anything to do with Mrs. S looking as beat up as she does in that photo? While we’re not totally on her side or think she’s necessarily an ally, Mrs. S has proven herself to be a stone cold broad that loves Sarah and Kira regardless, so we’re a lil worried (natch) about what has maybe-happened to her.

Jeez, these photos are pretty grim now that we think about it.

But hope is not all lost! There’s a heck of a lot of joy here, Clone Clubbers. Like how healthy and happy Cosima looks, as well as Team Hendrix. And it’s nice to see that Sarah’s warming to the idea of Cal as a mainstay (or, at least, a nice fella to kiss) in her life, right? Unless he’s actually somehow in on this whole conspiracy in some dark and nefarious way, in which case we will throw ourselves overboard and weep ten thousand “we-just-want-Sarah-to-be-happy” tears.

How excited are you for Orphan Black‘s season 3 premiere on April 18th? Let us hear it in the comments.


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  1. LynnieofHawaii says:

    Kira is such a cutie! Can’t wait for the show to start!!

  2. erin delaney says:

    SO EXCITED!!!!