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Padmé and Leia Become Velociraptors in a Prehistoric Galaxy Far, Far Away

About six months ago, artist Laura Cooper introduced the world to Disney princesses as velociraptors, a.k.a. Velociprincesses. Something about pebbly and scaly reptilian skin goes extremely well with princess gowns—who knew? It turns out the velociraptor look also suits Star Wars royalty. Cooper expanded her series by including Leia Organa and Padmé Amidala, and the art is the most charming and the silliest all at the same time. Please see Exhibit A:

That is Leia in her Bespin attire as a hungry dinosaur. She could single-handedly take out legions of stormtrooopers.

Most of the Star Wars lady velociraptors in Cooper’s work have just finished tasty meals. The Endor Leia raptor has dined upon Imperials and Ewoks, arena Padmé raptor has devoured clone troopers and complains “everything tastes the same,” and Queen Amidala has taken down Jar Jar Binks. Exhibit B:

If the world is kind and good, we’ll see a cosplay group tackle these looks at an upcoming convention.

See more versions of Leia and Padmé as velocipators in the gallery below—one Padmé illustration even has twin baby velociraptors and one of those babies has Leia buns. Don’t forget to visit Laura’s website to see more of her art and to take a gander at her webcomic, XP.

I feel okay about an alternate universe where velociraptors take the place of my favorite characters in the Star Wars universe. The Tyrannosaurus rex could definitely stand in for AT-ATs. What dino mash-ups can you come up with? Share your combos in the comments.

IMAGES: Laura Cooper


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