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Disney Princesses as Velociraptors Make the World a Much Better Place

Disney Princesses as other things is a tale as old as time. Well, at least as old as Tumblr. The latest addition in the Disney Princess mash-up category is truly special and worth sharing, I promise. Are you ready? It’s Velociprincesses! Artist Laura Cooper drew most of Disney’s royal ladies as velociraptors in honor of the release of Jurassic World. I haven’t seen the latest dinosaur movie yet, but the Velociprincesses already have the top spot in my heart. Sorry/not sorry, Chris Pratt and company.

The illustrations alone are both wonderful and vicious, but Cooper’s choice of captions for each one push them over the top in the best way. Look at Belle:

It makes me so damn happy. I especially appreciate that she’s surrounded by destroyed Beauty and the Beast things: Chip, Lumiere, the magic mirror. I know the word perfect can be overused, but tell me it doesn’t apply here. It could only be improved if dino-Belle was biting Gaston in half or had an antler sticking out of her mouth. See Exhibit B., Ariel:

Ursula doesn’t stand a chance against veloci-Ariel.

I’m in love and sort of want to make tiny Disney Princess dresses for velociraptor toys now. That’s not weird, right? Right.

Cooper created a whole herd of Disney Princesses as raptors. See a handful of them in the gallery below and even more at her website. While you’re visiting her site, take a minute to flip through her webcomic, XP.

Which Disney Princess dino do you love the most? Share your picks in the comments.


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