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Owl Makes a Terrible Wedding Ring Bearer But This Video is a Real Hoot

Most couples elect for one of two classic wedding ring delivery systems during their vows: “little boy in a tuxedo” or “not-paying-attention Best Man.” And you know why? Because they work! Slightly less reliable is having an actual owl bring them up to the altar, as this video of one totally freaking out in a church proves. Although watching this disaster is a real hoot if you aren’t the bride or groom.

We learned about this hilarious matrimony misstep at The Guardian; it took place on March 17 at the wedding of Jeni Arrowsmith and Mark Wood at Peckforton Castle in Cheshire in northwest England. The plan was for the owl to fly down the aisle, drop off the rings, and then fly back to its handler. But right away it’s obvious the owl was skittish, and what followed was not an easy return flight but a hilarious attack.

Okay, first that’s the one of the greatest things to ever happen at a wedding. Two, was Josh Radnor the owl keeper? Go ahead, go look again, we’ll wait.

Right? Why didn’t Ted ever tell his kids this story on How I Met Your Mother?

Maybe even more amazing is that somehow this video doesn’t even capture how absurd this whole thing really was. This photo does a better job at painting the picture.

A perfect photo? Or the most perfect photo?

After the owl fled the scene of the attack, he apparently went missing for a short time. At one point he stood on a table with the wedding registry book staring at the wedding goers. So you know what? I was wrong. Forget a cute kid or confused Best Man, this is the only type of ring bearer that should be used at weddings.

Which bird would make for the worst ring bearer? Tell us in the comments below.

Featured Image: Warner Bros.

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