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Pennywise Crashes a Couple’s Engagement Photos

Pennywise the clown is having what we like to call a “cultural moment.” Thanks to the ridiculously successful cinematic adaptation of Stephen King‘s It, Pennywise is now an even bigger icon than ever before. And while we’re eagerly awaiting It: Chapter 2, Pennywise has already returned in a series of engagement photos that went viral.

Buzzfeed writer Jesse McLaren was asked to photograph his sister’s engagement pics, which is a favor that he happily accepted. However, McLaren neglected to mention to his sister that he planned to add Pennywise into the background of every single picture.

Our favorite image is easily the one where Pennywise appears in the lower right hand corner, with only his face and eyes visible as he intrudes upon the couple’s lovely moment together. The fact that Pennywise appears to look directly into the camera only makes it funnier.

After several hours, McLaren posted his sister’s response on his Instagram account. Fortunately for everyone, she took it in good humor.

She found him

A post shared by McJesse (@larenmcjesse) on

After seeing the buzz that Pennywise’s cameos created for these pics, we have to wonder how McLaren would top them if his sister decides to let him shoot her wedding as well. Accept the challenge, Jesse!

What do you think about the Pennywise engagement photos? Scare up some thoughts and share them in the comment section below!

Image: New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. Pictures

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