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Our JACKED # 2 Preview Looks at the Consequences of Superpower Pills (Exclusive)

Superheroes aren’t real; they’re just an adolescent power fantasy. They live in comic book worlds and blockbuster films. There’s no place for comic book fantasies the real world.

Vertigo Comics’ Jacked turns that idea on its head. In the first issue of Jacked, readers were introduced to Josh Jaffe, a middle-aged father of two and a complete loser. For Josh, there was no escape from his many failures… until he took Jacked, an internet drug of questionable origin.

Suddenly, Josh had the strength of a real life superhero, and he got to bask in the adulation of his son after he saved a man’s life following a horrific car accident. Now, everything is coming up Josh! But don’t expect that to last.


Our exclusive preview from Jacked # 2 finds Josh attempting to learn more about the drug that changed his life. Judging from these pages, the ATF would also like to know more as they brutalize the inventor of Jacked. The first five pages of Jacked # 2 can be seen in our gallery below. Be warned, they are very NSFW in terms of language and some of the imagery.

Here’s Vertigo’s solicitation copy for Jacked # 2.

“Josh Jaffe is living the dream: from suburban schlub to superhero in one easy swallow of a shady Internet drug. This is where his nightmare starts. Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and John Higgins (HELLBLAZER) bring an unflinching humanity and surreal level of detail to this tale of a midlife crisis—with superpowers!”

Jacked # 2 will be released on Wednesday, December 23 in comic book stores everywhere.

What did you think about this preview of Jacked # 2? Share your thoughts below!

Image Credits: Vertigo Comics


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