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Gilbert Hernandez & Darwyn Cooke’s THE TWILIGHT CHILDREN # 3 Preview (Exclusive)

The penultimate issue of The Twilight Children is coming, and things are only getting stranger in South America!

Comic book icons Gilbert Hernandez (Love and Rockets), Darwyn Cooke (DC: The New Frontier, Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter) and Dave Stewart (Hellboy) have united for the first time to tell the unsettling tale of a small town’s brush with something not of this world. Strange alien orbs have appeared so often that the townspeople took them for granted.

However, the latest orb blinded three children and events have only escalated from there. An otherworldly beautiful woman named Ela has arrived, and she seems to have some connection to the orbs. It’s not clear if Ela is an alien, but men appear to be supernaturally drawn to her…even the visiting American scientist, Felix.


To complicate matters, two government agents have infiltrated the town to investigate the orbs. And while even the blind children can see through their disguises, the agents are armed and all too willing to use force to get answers. Meanwhile, Felix narrowly missed an attempt on his life, as the orb seemingly abducted Nikolas and Anton before they could harm him.

Nikolas was the husband and Anton the lover of a local woman named Tito, and she clearly has her sights set on Felix as their replacement. In this exclusive preview from The Twilight Children #3, Tito makes her move on Felix as Ela listens in and the government agents become more openly threatening. The first seven pages of the issue are located in our gallery below.

The Twilight Children #3 will be in comic book stores everywhere on Wednesday, December 9.

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Image Credits: Vertigo Comics


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