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Oscar Mayer’s “Bacoin” Cryptocurrency Can Get You Free Bacon

Today we’d like to talk to you about cryptocurrencies HEY WAIT STOP! Because we’re not here to convince you to remortgage your house so you can invest, brah, we’re here to tell you how it can get you some delicious bacon at the best possible price. Because Oscar Mayer has started their very own cryptocurrency (seriously) and it can help you take home some totally real–and more importantly totally free–bacon.

“Bacoin” (Get it? Get it? You get it.) is free for fans to sign up for, although there is a limited amount of it. Users are then able to mine, track the value of, and cash it out for some real Oscar Mayer bacon until May 14. That sounds both weird (in the way everything in 2018 does) and great (the way free bacon does any year). But how exactly does it work?

“Similar to other cryptocurrencies, the value of Bacoin can be volatile. However, Bacoin stands out by the fact that Bacon lovers can boost value by spreading the news via Twitter and email on The more they share, the greater Bacoin is worth. When ready, Bacoin owners can select the best time to cash out and receive real packs of Oscar Mayer Bacon.”

And you better believe “Bacoin” has its own crypto-bro.

This isn’t the first unusual approach Oscar Mayer has taken to get people talking about their bacon, because back in 2015 they started “Sizzl,” an entire dating app for bacon lovers. But that’s so 2015. These days it’s all about the crypto.

Fortunately bacon is timeless, especially free bacon.

Is this enough to get you to bite on cryptocurrency? Cook up your answers in the comments below.

Featured Image: Oscar Mayer

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