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ORPHAN BLACK Cast and Creators Discuss the Clone’s Cosplaying Options at Comic-Con

Ahh, Comic-Con: the place that geeked-out obsessive nerds can really let their freak flag fly through the magic of cosplay. And there were more than a few Clone Clubbers out there doing their best turns as the Orphan Black sestrahood (and even a be-turniped Donnie!). But we were infinitely curious — were the tables turned, who our beloved clones cosplay as, eh? So we spun that question to the cast and creators of the series that were on hand at this year’s apex of nerdom and the answers were pretty great. We even found out Felix’s do’s and don’ts of cosplaying — the answer to which probably won’t surprise you.

Oh, and it should probably be said that if you’re not caught up on Orphan Black‘s second season, it would be best to turn away tout de suit because spoilers, sweeties.

Of course it wasn’t all that: we also got to ask the men of Orphan Black what it was like to have such big revelations at the end of season two and just what it takes to be considered a sex symbol on the show. Apparently it is just one thing: bottoms! Of course the biggest question to come out of that revelation? Just when, then, will newbie clone/Mark the Prolethean Ari Millen, join the boy’s Butt Club? Next season? Never? You’ll have to watch the video to find out.

Orphan Black‘s third season returns not-soon-enough but likely sometime next spring. As what or whom do YOU think the clones would cosplay? Let’s hypothesize in the comments!

Image courtesy of BBC America.

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  1. Deborah says:

    Can we all just take a moment and picture Cosima and Delphine as Xena and Gabrielle! And Allison as Cinderella 🙂

  2. satori says:

    for the love of god, put these videos on youtube and link them here instead, this is un-watchable.

  3. Dik says:

    the chick with the mic needs to hold it to her own face so we can hear her questions. how to interview people 101.