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Nerdist Presents

Nerdist Presents: The Mystic Museum

If you’ve ever had your palm read, played “light as a feather, stiff as a board,” or tried to communicate with a spirit board, you know the devastating feeling when your mystical intentions fall on deaf ears. Hey, not all of us have the gift. But what if you were suddenly granted the power to speak to the dead… and they wouldn’t leave you the hell alone?!

In today’s Nerdist Presents, we take you to The Mystic Museum for a supernatural comedy where an ordinary paralegal comes face to face with the paranormal. Starring The Magicians Olivia Taylor Dudley, Kristian Bruun from Orphan Black, and Kelsey Gunn as the proprietor of the titular metaphysical emporium, The Mystic Museum brings together a haunted, skeptical paralegal and the owner of a local curiosities shop to communicate with the dead.

Who would you like to see Olivia and Kelsey contact next? Let us know in the comments below or on Twitter!

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Written and Directed by Andrew Bowser
Producer: Jason Nguyen
Executive Producer: Adam Rymer
Executive Producers: Jason Corey & Andy Shapiro
Executive Producers: Mike Shaw & Brendon Schulze
Executive Producers: Olivia Taylor Dudley & Kelsey Gunn

Kelsey Gunn as Kelsey
Olivia Taylor Dudley as Olivia
Kristian Bruun as Lester
Ptolemy Slocum as Timothy Merritt (the Ghost)
Jake Getman as Erik

Director of Photography: Elie Smolkin
Production Design: Adam Nungester
Editor: Andrew Bowser
Music Composer: Jon Odate
Music Supervisor: Jason Nguyen
Production Manager: Erik Kozura
1st AD: Lizzy Walker
2nd AD: Kevin Huie
1st AC: Ryan Hogue
2nd AC: Chess Pettengill
DIT: Tim Hsiung
Gaffer: Dyron Pacheco
Key Grip: Donato Bragagnolo
Best Boy Grip: J.D. Ramage
Best Boy Electric: Vince Urquieta
Dolly Grip: Brody Culberston
Dolly Grip: Mike Perry
Production Sound: Chris Buch
Hair & Makeup Artist: Cici Anderson
Hair & Makeup Assistant: Edwin Monzon
Key Wardrobe: Raelynn Esterlina
Art Assistant: Kianna Bliven
Production Coordinator: Katy Hampton
Production Assistant: Zac York
Production Assistant: Chuck Miller
Production Assistant: John Hollidge
Production Assistant: Jon Odate
Site Representative: Erick Yaro Wessel
Fire Safety Officer: Eric Garcia
Fire Safety Officer: Ken Allen

Development Ghost Sequence: Erik Ferguson
Post Production Supervisor: Gerry Mattei
Post Production Coordinator: Sean Hudson
Assistant Editor: Matt Caron
VFX Artists: Erik Ferguson & Vehard Aarhus
Compositors: Erik Ferguson & Vegard Aarhus
Additional VFX: Tim Herrold
VFX Coordinator: Matt Caron
Sound Editor: Mike James Gallagher
Sound Designer: Mike James Gallagher
Colorist: Andy Inglat
End Title Design: Sam Webber

Shot at Bearded Lady’s Mystic Museum. Poster art by Leah Tiscione.

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