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It’s time for the residents of Once Upon a Time’s Storybrooke to meet its new Queen: Elsa of Arendelle. We recently found out who would be playing Anna and Kristoff in the upcoming season of Once, and we’ve just learned Georgina Haig will portray Elsa. The actress from Fringe will join Elizabeth Lail and Scott Michael Foster in the Frozen trio. As far as we know, Haig wasn’t in Elsa’s sparkly blue shoes when the character made her entrance at the end of last season, but she didn’t need to be since the character’s face was never seen.

Elsa once upon a time

In the animated film, Elsa is a misunderstood villain. She puts Arendelle and its citizens in grave danger, but none of her actions were intentional. She’s not malicious. But, how will she be portrayed in Once Upon a Time? TVLine says that Once’s Elsa has “long struggled to control her chilling powers,” and that she knows the danger she poses. She realizes it’s important to keep a grip.


Maybe she’ll accidentally cast another eternal winter, this time upon Storybrooke? I hope not since that’s too similar to the plot of Frozen, but I’m guessing her icy powers will somehow be problematic for the small town.

Anyway, I’m surprised and delighted that ABC and Disney dropped this news before Comic-Con. Maybe they’ll bring some of the Frozen cast members if they have a Once Upon a Time panel?

What do you think of this casting decision? Let us know in the comments.

HT: TVLine

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  1. Gen Hobbs says:

    cast more lost members!!!

  2. marsrus says:

    “Once Upon a Time” once again picks realitve unknowns to play roles originated by recognizable actors and actresses. This actress did only five shows in the last season of “Fringe”. I can’t understand why this Disney production won’t use any USA actresses or actors. The casting crew continues to chose folks from Canada, UK or Australia. The actress playing Ana hails from Greece.  How about some recognizable USA actors? 

    • itsaSecret says: I think Elizabeth Lail (who will be portraying Anna) is American. At least, she went to U of North Carolina. The guy who will be playing Kristoff, Scott Michael Foster (who starred in a show called GREEK) is from Illinois.Besides, why does it matter where the actors are from? Maybe the actors you recognize were all busy or not right for the part. Why can’t the unknowns get a chance too? And why does it matter where they’re from?

    • Gabrielle says:

      Seriously? That’s your complaint? That a television show that’s filmed in Canada casts a woman who isn’t American to play a character who is from Norway? Get your head out of your butthole and welcome to the world–it doesn’t just consist of the United States. 

  3. Drarry says:

    Does this mean she’s going to make Maine cold…er? Oooh terrifying.