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Not-So-Nice Mr. Wizard

I used to watch Mr. Wizard’s World back in school all the time.  They would roll out these big 27 inch CRT TVs with VCRs attached, and we would watch a few episodes of Mr. Wizard’s World if the class was behaving.  I remember back then I thought Don Herbert was a bit of a creep.  This supercut by Diane Bullock and Mike Schuster provides some evidence.

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  1. Trent says:

    hah, tooo great! “what”?

  2. Chris Hardwick says:

    @David: yes it is a joke you’re not getting. And that a shocking number of people aren’t getting. I weep for humanity. Comedy is dead.

    Now stop wasting time here! I’m sure there are some Onion articles that need to be challenged and questioned.

  3. David Parker says:

    I hope this is all just a joke that I’m not quite getting. People don’t really think he’s being mean do they? If they do, there’s a LOT of oversensitive people in this world.

  4. Neil says:

    I am old enough to have watched the show, and I think he WAS kind of mean. But not in comparison to the douchebags of that time period. We had lead in our gas fumes, no carseats or even seatbelts sometimes. You could buy a tiny plastic monkey with fake cigarettes that he would smoke, take it on to an airplane and light it right up. Our toys were made of lead and black powder. We used candy to pretend we were smoking. Mr. Wizard was an 4$$hole, they all were, and in the future people will look back and call us 4$$holes too.

  5. htstevo says:

    it’s called clever editing. look it up. Mr. Wizard was a fun show. He was making the kids smile & laugh with sarcasm. take it from someone old enough to have watched the show. you all could use a little Mr. Wizard right now.

  6. Chris Hardwick says:

    The responses here are hilarious. I genuinely feel bad for anyone who thinks this is a serious commentary on Mr. Wizard and not the silly comedy piece that it is. Humor escapes you, like air from a vacuum, which I’m sure he would have been able to deftly demonstrate to you with one of his kick-ass experiments. You might as well have been sitting in the back of the theater in the 1970s self-righteously shouting, “No, Bill Cosby! Some dentists in fact do fine work with minimal recovery time!!”

    Get out of the house more often.

  7. jerodast says:

    I *haven’t* seen Mr. Wizard and this is hilarious.

  8. LA0811 says:

    @daniel dastardly – take it back! All that is good comes from Canadia and all that comes from Canadia is good.

  9. Kristen says:

    This is precisely how I remember Mr. Wizard being. I think he’d get along great with JeCaThRe, who admit s/he also enjoyed teasing students. #bullies

  10. daniel dastardly says:

    what did you expect.. not all good comes out of canada

  11. chrisfpj says:

    Wow, I feel like everyone here is taking this video a BIT too seriously.

  12. cawp says:

    He isn’t being a dick. It is just cut to seem that way. He’s more like a wise, smart-ass science teacher.

  13. chad says:

    What? 🙂

  14. Herky says:

    I’m a dick to children all the time and they never gave me my own tv show.

  15. MarkiMark says:

    He’s just a grandpa. All grandpa’s are semi-dicks, that’s why they’re grandpa’s. Good times, I love that old man-I-know-what-I’m-talking-about mentality.

  16. Tiera says:

    Lol @BenZ!

  17. my_leisure says:

    @Bobby G

    I’m with you. He was talking to the kids like they were adults. He wasn’t coddling them or talking down to them. More kids should be treated this way.

  18. JeCaThRe says:

    Obviously this meant to be funny, but it’s hardly fair to build a case against a man by taking 5 seconds each from a few episodes and stringing them together.

    I agree with Bobby G. I don’t think he’s being particularly mean. There’s nothing in this video that is worse than anything I said when I was teaching science, and my students understood that I was teasing. I bet if you tracked down most of the kids who appeared on show they’d say they enjoyed it.

  19. Bobby G says:

    I don’t think hes being a dick, he not treating them like they ‘re special which by the way children aren’t, I mean god forbid you tell a child he wrong these days.

  20. Ben Z says:

    I think he was just a megalomaniac and loved being smarter than people and it’s super easy to be smarter than children.

  21. pitpat says:

    like a turtleneck.

  22. Mark Miller says:

    You know, he always made me slightly uncomfortable too. Now I see why. I think he honestly hated children.