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iam8bit to Release Epic UNCHARTED 4 Vinyl Set

With Uncharted 4 finally hitting shelves, iam8bit is releasing another fantastic vinyl featuring the smooth tunes of Nathan Drake’s latest adventure. This 180-gram vinyl will include two records with music by Henry Jackman, with a package designed by Ashley Wood. In other words, this collectors item will go great with the previously released Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection vinyl–a treasure worthy of even Sir Francis Drake himself.

You can pre-order this bad boy (which will be shipping Q3 2016) right now from the iam8bit store. Music aficionados will also be happy to know that the tunes have been mastered specifically for vinyl by the peeps over at Lurssen Mastering.


Check out the full track list:

1. A Thief’s End
2. A Normal Life
3. Lure of Adventure
4. Cut to the Chase
5. Reunited
6. Once a Thief…
7. The Grave of Henry Avery

1. Those Who Prove Worthy
2. The Twelve Towers
3. Hidden in Plain Sight
4. At Sea
5. Marooned

1. Meet Me in Paradise
2. The Thieves of Libertalia
3. Sic Parvis Magna
4. The Brothers Drake
5. Race to Libertalia
6. For Better or Worse
7. New Devon

1. No Escape
2. Avery’s Descent
3. Brother’s Keeper
4. One Last Time
5. Epilogue

Ashley Wood really outdid himself this time with the awesome art featuring the two Drake brothers. It’s great to get a vinyl gorgeous enough to match the jaw-dropping graphics seen in the game. If you haven’t purchased Uncharted 4 yet (why haven’t you?!), check out our review of the game for more on why you should nab this treasure like yesterday.

Did you buy Uncharted 4? What do you think about it so far? Are you planning on purchasing this vinyl? It could be a great way to relax, and reminisce about the great times we’ve had with our good buddy, Drake. Does the art on the vinyl make it a worthy addition to your ever growing collection of iam8bit vinyls? Let us know in the comments below.

Want more about Uncharted 4? Look no further!

Image Credit: Naughty Dog/Ashley Wood

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