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New SUICIDE SQUAD Concept Art’s Different Takes on Harley Quinn

Next month, Margot Robbie will become the first actress to portray Harley Quinn on the big screen in live action, in the Suicide Squad movie. While the final look for Harley is unique to this film, costume designer Kate Hawley has revealed some even more radical takes on the pasty princess.

Via Batman-News, Entertainment Weekly‘s Comic-Con issue debuted two pieces of Harley Quinn concept art, and it’s more reflective of Jared Leto’s Joker than the classic Harley. Hawley even noted that Courtney Love, Debbie Harry, and Patti Smith inspired these outfits, along with the Instagram accounts of Mexican drug cartels.

Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Concept Art

“She’s a girl’s hero,” Hawley told EW. “It was understanding how do we make her feel sexy by owning it as opposed to what a man thinks is sexy.” We can definitely see the Courtney Love influence in that pic on the left, and it appears that Harley had the Joker’s face tattooed to her left leg in both images.

A few months ago, Robbie stated that Harley’s classic jester costume was made for the film. Hawley confirmed that account in a new Suicide Squad set report at Comic Book Resources, where she offered some insight as to why that costume didn’t make the cut. “The jester suit has an amazing, powerful quality to it,” said Hawley. “We built that. We actually put it on Margot, and she looked amazing. There’s a moment where there’s homage to that very garment. What happens, though, and the way David [Ayer] works – and I’m not speaking out of turn here – and because it’s a very organic quality and he’s writing it as we speak, the weight of things change. There’s beats that you think you can establish an arc within and then it changes again. We have limited beats to show all the elements.”

We’d love to see Robbie go full classic Harley! Hopefully we’ll eventually get a chance to see her put on that costume in either a deleted scene or perhaps in some behind-the-scenes photos.

What do you think about Hawley’s alternate designs for Harley Quinn? Let us know in the comment section below!

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures/Entertainment Weekly

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