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Nathan Fillion Teases Possible Appearance in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY

Nathan Fillion is no stranger to working with James Gunn. They’ve worked together on Slither, Super, and maybe Guardians of the Galaxy. You read that right. Fillion teased a possible cameo in the upcoming Marvel film during a recent appearance at the St. Louis Comic Con.

A fan referenced Fillion’s history with Gunn and asked if he wanted a part in Guardians. Because Fillion is awesome, he replied coyly and caught everyone off guard:

“[Want] to get a part? Or maybe did. I’m just saying maybe. Maybe it’ll be a surprise. Maybe check the credits of the movie when you watch it.”

Looking at the “galaxy” part of the title, it’s not a stretch to believe Fillion could be unrecognizable as an alien covered in prosthetics or make-up. Alternatively, he could also be making a quick cameo. You can hear his answer and judge for yourself at the 38:22 mark:

The tone of his voice is certainly interesting, and it’s a great non-answer that probably wouldn’t get him in trouble with Marvel. However, it’s also good to keep Marvel’s extreme secrecy rules in mind. They lock down spoilers and are very protective about their movies. So, either Fillion’s part is small enough that Marvel doesn’t mind the actor dropping hints, or it’s not true. Either way, I can’t imagine Fillion would risk anything that could cost him future work with the company.

I hope it’s legit because I’m in favor of seeing Fillion in Guardians of the Galaxy or any Marvel film. What do you think about his tease? Let us know in the comments!

HT: GeekNation

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  1. Thanks for the SPOILER with the Headline that just showed up on Facebook. If I can figure out how to permanently ban Nerdist from ever showing up again (for me and hopefully others), I WILL.

  2. David says:

    Could Nathan Fillion be Stephen Strange?

  3. RG says:

    Sorry to argue, but this link might shed some light on it:

    Owning the franchise doesn’t actually include anything but the name; each character have to be purchased outright or they remain within Marvel’s purview, and Starjammers are WAY too obscure to have been bought out from under them. The TV shows often get the rights for crossovers, and–as is the case with Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch–sometimes they’re just good sports about it and would rather not have a legal debacle.

  4. Wrath says:

    I agree with Scott B

    Star Jammers are attached to the X-men, just like Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom are in the FF universe.

    Fox has X-men & FF tied franchises, so anything associated with those books.

    Certain Characters have Shared Rights … like Quick Silver and Scarlet Witch. They may have appeared in X-men first but they have a stronger association with The Avengers.

    Blue Furry version of the Beast btw probably is one of those shared characters. He first appeared in iron man and avengers before going back to the X books, in X-Factor.

    I personally think this is why Marvel put Wolverine and Spider Man in the Avengers (and were going to put Daredevil as Ronin but didnt have to as his rights transferred back). Could be legally they need to be associated with a book for X amount of years to be able to share the rights.

  5. RG says:

    Scott B: As I understand it, if it hasn’t been shown on-screen yet, nobody’s got the rights.

    That’s why the Disney-owned Marvel films should seriously be snatching up every opportunity for cameo background junk they can muster.

  6. Scott B says:

    @Tony Starjammers first appeared in the X-Men comics so I’d suspect they fall into the film rights belonging to Fox. He would be a good Corsair though.

  7. Tony says:

    That would be awesome, but where would he fit? I’m thinking Corsair… which leads to a Starjammers/GotG team up down the line!

  8. Kyle Voltti says:

    He could be Vance Astro… oh or Nova

  9. Matt says:

    He probably gets a “thank you” in the credits

  10. Oscar Olalde says:

    Even a nanosecond cameo of him being in part of a “WANTED” sign with a similar look to Captain Mal would be the utmost priceless ever….

  11. Scott B says:

    This could mean absolutely nothing but the other day Nathan was answering questions on Twitter. He did so for most of the day and I saw his tweet that he would be asking questions a few minutes after he sent it out. Remembering the whole movement that he should have been cast as Green Lantern I thought that perhaps he’d be interested in being Marvel’s version of that and he could be a Nova Corpsman. So, I asked about that possibility.

    It is entirely, and most likely, possible that Nathan didn’t see my question at all. However, if he does appear in Guardians, perhaps he saw it and knew he couldn’t answer that particular question.

  12. JD says:

    What if he’s Cpt. Marvel?

  13. Jesshi says:

    I was there! I heard that out of his mouth!

  14. KF says:

    OMG, RG! Here I was ready to chalk this up to Fillion loving to mess with people and then you throw in the Captain. That would be so far beyond awesome I can’t even comprehend it.

  15. Arsnof says:

    Even the possibility of a blink-and-you-miss-it cameo by Fillion in the last two seconds of the movie is enough to double ticket sales. Minimum.

  16. Aimes says:

    PLEASE let this be true. I would love to see him included in the Marvelverse.

  17. RG says:

    Oh MAN, what if it’s a Malcolm Reynolds cameo?

    Just when I thought GotG couldn’t get any more amazing…